Neighbors conduct traffic study after NYC DOT works on busy street

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Some neighbors in Sunset Park are counting on their own traffic study.

The NYC Department of Transportation has made changes to the busy 4th Avenue corridor, that stretches from Atlantic Avenue through Park Slope, Sunset Park and Bay Ridge.

Neighbors and volunteers working with Sunset Park Restoration are conducting a study of intersections. They're counting the number of bikes using 4th Avenue. They would like to see if a protected bike lane would make sense there.

NYC DOT says a bike lane is currently not being considered, but community input is always welcome.

The department has been monitoring changes to the corridor and reports a 29% reduction in pedestrian injuries, a 13% reduction in all crashes, an 8% reduction in crashes with injuries, and a 38% reduction in the percentage of drivers traveling above the speed limit.

The number of pedestrians has increased. There have been no fatalities in the Sunset Park section since the project was completed.

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  • Joe Anello

    traffic in Brooklyn has been screwed up enough. Lets face it ur goal is to eliminate cars completely. bikes are the new in thing. OK so lets license them and their bikes charge for road use and make them get insurance. Make sure they follow the rules of the road. How many times I stop for a red light and they go whizzing right by obstructing people and cars, how many of them ride on sidewalks endangering people and little kids. This is not China, people need their cars to get to work and travel, but everything being done is to discourage autos, the highway is congested, 4th ave has cut down a lane and allows double parking cutting a major route down to one lane third ave is just as bad. Can someone start a campaign to help us drivers, We need help.

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