Homeless man takes advantage of senior citizen by pretending to be paramedic

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (PIX11)– A homeless man allegedly moved into a Mich. elderly woman’s apartment at an independent living facility and stole from her, according to WZTV.

“It happens to other people. You read about it in the newspaper. It doesn’t happen to you, and who does this to elderly people?” Mary Rademacher, the niece of the victim questioned.

Rademacher said her 84-year-old aunt suffers from dementia and lived at her Grand Rapids facility for the past six years.

She discovered that her auntie wasn’t living by herself last week.

Phuc Pham, a homeless man who gained access to the building, gained her trust and moved in.

“In that short time that he was at my aunt’s, he tried to open up a credit card for her. He went to Comcast and ordered… Playboy Channel, HBO, all those channels,” Rademacher explained.

She added, “He went to AT&T and ordered internet service and WiFi. She doesn’t even know computers, how to do it.”

Pham, who has previous record of fraud related convictions, was arrested after Radenacher set up a sting with police.