Graffiti legend ‘Cost’ arrested after emerging from 16-year hiatus

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – After years underground, prolific graffiti artist “Cost” was caught in the act and arrested early Sunday morning, police revealed this week.

The work of Queens native Adam Cole blanketed New York City’s urban landscape during the early 1990s, done in pen, paint and his signature wheat-pasting technique.

After 16 years off the radar of pedestrians, graffiti-lovers and the NYPD, Cole returned to the streets “with vigor” according to police.  The department was already on the lookout for him when they spotted a man walking back to his car, a Porsche Cayenne, on West 13th Street just before 4 a.m.

“We noticed this man who fit (Cole) to a ‘T’,” said Sgt. Michael Alfieri, adding that he was carrying an extendable pole with a wet brush and was “covered in what appeared to be a goopy paste.”

Police said they spotted a two-feet-wide by three-feet-high Cost poster on scaffolding 20 feet above the sidewalk with “the fresh adhesive still dripping from it.” Extra brushes were spotted inside the Porsche, the lid to a glue barrel was found nearby.

“This stuff is impossible to get off the wall,” Police Officer Sullivan said. “That’s why it’s so expensive to remove.”

Cole faces charges of criminal mischief, making graffiti, and possession of a graffiti instrument related to nine separate incidents earlier this year.


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  • SomethingSpecial

    The police should impound Mr. Cole’s fancy Porsche Cayenne and auction it off to pay for the cleanup of his “art work.” Good job NYPD! Let’s continue to clean up our city of the horrendous so-called “street art.”

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