Backstage on Broadway: Inside scoop on ‘It’s Only a Play’ with Lane, Broderick & cast

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It's a play about a play, called 'It's Only a Play.'

"It’s opening night, the curtain has come down about an hour or so before,” actress Megan Mullaly said.

"It’s a terrifying evening that we all spend waiting for the reviews," two-time Tony winner, Matthew Broderick, added.

It's a feeling the cast knows all too well.

“It’s unbearable," Broderick said.

“Opening night is horrible,” Mullally agreed.

Horror turned to humor by four-time Tony winning playwright Terrence McNally.

“You know when you meet someone and you know that they’re your friend?" Oscar-winning actor F. Murray Abraham said. "That’s what his work does for me.”

“He’s my favorite writer,” two time Tony winner, Nathan Lane, added.

Broadway veteran Nathan Lane takes on the role of James Wicker, a stage actor turned TV star.

Matthew Broderick plays Peter Austin, Wicker's best friend and the show's playwright. A role perfect for the real-life longtime pals.

"I love him and I love working with him," Broderick said. "One of my ears is actually listening to him right now. He’s like a big tuba!"

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“We hit it off years ago," Lane added. "We first worked together in the Lion King doing voice work.”

The duo made Broadway history in 2001 with "The Producers." The show won a record 12 Tony Awards.

But this time, "I think they’re lining up because of the cumulative effect of all these wonderful actors,” Lane said.

Actors like Stockard Channing, Megan Mullally and F. Murray Abraham.

“It’s just a pleasure," Abraham said. "I’ve never worked with a better group in my life.”

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Plus newcomers Micah Stock and Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint.

“It’s a dream," Stock exclaimed. "I walk into the rehearsal room every day just beaming.”

“I play a character who’s kind of quite troubled and complicated," Grint described. "I’ve never played anyone like this so it’s been fun to explore that.”

But for this ensemble, they said they're just happy to be in the room.

“Everybody’s wonderful and everybody’s so specific," Mullally said. "You couldn’t get seven different people.”

'It's Only a Play' has a limited engagement with shows only until January 4, 2015.