NYPD investigates 7th Heaven’s Stephen Collins’ alleged child molestation confession

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- He has now resigned from the board of directors of the Screen Actors Guild, and been removed from the cast of the movie 'Ted 2,' and now actor Stephen Collins, who made his reputation playing the squeaky clean Rev. Eric Camden in the hit TV series "Seventh Heaven," faces extensive questioning and the possibility of an arrest on multiple child molestation charges.

The NYPD has confirmed that detectives are pursuing a complaint against Collins, 67, regarding the alleged molestation of three girls, two from New York, and one from Los Angeles. He apparently confessed to the abuse in an audio recording made by his estranged wife, actor Faye Grant, 57.

In the recording, which Grant made secretly during a couples therapy session, Collins's description is graphic in answers to questions Grant poses to him.

"When you exposed yourself to *******'s 10 year-old sister," she asks her estranged husband, "did you have an erection?"

"No. I mean, no. Partial, maybe I think," he responds.

"Partial erection?" she asks.

To which Collins says, "Maybe, yes."

One of the survivors of the alleged child molestation is a distant relative of Collins.

His show, 'Seventh Heaven,' aired on the WB, which later became the CW during the show's run, from 1996 to 2007. PIX11 is the CW station in New York, and broadcast the show for all 12 seasons.

During the series' run, Collins appeared on the PIX11 Morning News, and mentioned then that he and Grant have a daughter. At the time, in 2005, she was 12 years old. He is not at all accused of abusing their daughter, but in the recordings, obtained by TMZ, which first reported the story, he allegedly admits to sexually abusing other preteen and early teen girls.

"The exposure happened a couple of times," Collins says.

"With a 10 year-old. Okay," Grant responds.

"Well, no," says Collins, "she was 11, and then like 12 or 13."

Most of the alleged abuse happened here in New York, which is why the NYPD is on the case of the multiple incidents. Some of them reportedly took place more than 10 years ago in the guest room of an apartment Collins and Grant shared in Manhattan.

Ironically, one of the roles Collins played after starring in Seventh Heaven was a bad guy billionaire in Law & Order SVU. Now, the actual Special Victims Squad of the NYPD is on this case of serial child molestation, to which Collins appears to have confessed to his former wife of 27 years.

In the recording, he says, "There was one instance where... there was one moment of touching, where her hand, I put her hand on my penis."

He also mentions the number of times he recalled the abuse happening to one of the girls.

"There were, I think, yes, there were like three incidents over about three years."

California prohibits making recordings of people's voices without their knowledge. However, the state also permits such recordings if they are used as part of an investigation into a violent crime. Child molestation is considered violent crime by the state of California.



    • Bill

      Don’t judge until a actual victim steps up. Remember this women is in a divorce battle with him and is probably hurt or pissed and doing this to take him down. Tapes can be created with words from movies he has done. A good audio person can create this. I’m not defending him just giving bennifit of doubt until a victim steps up.

  • Bill

    Hello people number one, where are the victims why are they not speaking ou . Number two why is this just on TMZ and not the news. Women sometimes lie on people give this man bennifit of doubt until facts are there. A audio tape can be created with words he has said bin movie . I mean it’s Hollywood people.

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