Report criticizes conditions of NYC train stations

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The New York State Comptroller's Office reviewed data from the MTA and issued a report about the deterioration in the system.

51 of the city’s 468 stations were free of defects, according to the data. 1-in-4 had most or all of their station components in good repair.

“New York City Transit reports it is making progress on repairing stations but the pace is too slow and much more work needs to be done,” NY State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said.

The office used data collected from the most recent MTA statino survey in 2012.  That found more than one-quarter of all structural components had defects. At 94 stations, at least half of the structural components needed repairs. The subway stations in Brooklyn and Queens had the largest percentage of components with defects.

The MTA agrees that work has to be done and the agency points to the next $32 billion Capital Program for repairs and improvements. Half of that needs to be funded and the state has asked the MTA to resubmit it.

Some of the stations have been repaired since the data was collected.

The MTA continues to address repairs renovations by prioritizing items that need attention.


Photo by Tzvi Filler