NYPD recover bags of evidence from Sanford Rubenstein’s apartment

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UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (PIX11) -- For the second day in a row, the NYPD camped out in front of the Upper East Side home of famed attorney Sanford Rubenstein.

In fact, the NYPD had two vans on the scene, this as detectives along with members of the TARU unit investigated and documented the interior of Rubenstein's penthouse unit.

Shortly before 3 p.m., investigators made numerous trips to their vehicles, each time bringing several bags of evidence.  At one point, the NYPD utilized the garage connected to the building to stuff what appeared to be a mattress inside of a van.

All this after reports of an alleged of rape involving Rubenstein and a female executive of the National Action Network following Rev. Al Sharpton's 60th Birthday party.

While no charges have been filed against Rubenstein, Sharpton did address the situation on Sunday saying, "I do not cut no corners.  We do not justify disrespecting women."

But as the media camped out on Monday, the case had the city buzzing for its larger than life imagery.

"It's right out of a screenplay," said attorney Doug Wigdor, who along with now Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson represented Nafissatou Diallo in the civil complaint against financier Dominque Strass Kahn.

It is a case that bears similarity to what Rubenstein is being allegedly investigated for not only for its media attention but also since it took place out of the public eye.

According to Wigdor: "every time you have something happen behind closed doors, you have obstacles in a case, because you have essentially, he said-she said.  But the difference really is in any of these cases is that you do have physical evidence."