As Ebola spreads to Spain, Obama calls virus ‘national security priority’

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NEW YORK (PIX11) - Ebola is now a top national security priority. That’s according to President Barack Obama, after he met with public health officials in Washington Monday.

The debate on how to stop Ebola from spreading and coming to the United States continues.

A Texas Congressman wants to close America’s  borders to travelers from West Africa.

“What is correct is, is that we treat this in the circumstance where we stop travel to the United States not just from there, but also understanding that the African travel goes to Europe and other places,” Rep. Pete Sessions said.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest’s response:  “A travel ban is not something that we are currently considering.”

President Obama said Monday the U.S. is working on protocols for air passenger screening at home and in West Africa.

Over the weekend, New York Senator Charles Schumer called for increased health screening at airports and ports.

“More intense screening and testing ones temperature in the United States adds an extra and very reliable layer of protection,” Schumer said.

Ashoka Mukpo, the American freelance NBC cameraman, infected with Ebola in West Africa returned to United States for treatment and landed in Nebraska early Monday.

He is the second Ebola patient to be treated at the Nebraska Medical Center.

“We are still in the process of discussing with his physicians and the team who are taking care of him which medications they are going to give him at this time,” his mother Diana Mukpa said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the Ebola patient in Dallas remains in critical condition.


  • Gerri

    Just heard obama saying he considers Ebola a “Top National Security Priority.” F’ng Bullshit! Same thing he said on how many “issues” over these past recent years!? People this is a huge scare tactic for the US Patent on Ebola vaccine! and it is so wrong of obama sending military troops on this, flu is more contagious than Ebola! I absolutely CANNOT believe how obama and this white house take issues so way out of proportion to scare We the People!

  • Blessing

    Plzzz u people need to hurry up&make a medicine &stop wasting time. I dnt see the whole point about The USAID …Like what are they doing in Africa. I don’t even see them helping our country .You people really need to hurry up&step up your games cause now Ebola in America. ..Like come on ya are wasting time . In my opinion all ya just need to do is hurry up&make a medicine for our people &try&lock down all the airports until you people can heal west coast . I beg you people plzzz step up your games&stop wasting time …God is with us through all troubles Amen !!!!!

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    • Dawn Burklow

      JOWANCA, your comment is in no way related to the topic at hand, which is a very serious one. DO YOUR STUPID ADVERTISING SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

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