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Teen goes on hilarious Beyonce rant after wisdom teeth surgery

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Benson, N.C. (PIX11) — The unparalleled experience of getting dental work: we’ve all been there, but at least most of us were lucky enough that it wasn’t caught on camera.

A 17-year-old from North Carolina wasn’t so lucky after he underwent surgery to remove his wisdom teeth, the Daily Mail reported.

The video starts off in the car, presumably on the way home from the oral surgeon, with a confused Cody Lanphere who desperately asks “What are these?” when he discovers he has a mouth full of gauze.

“No, you have to leave them in your mouth,” his mother, Christine Weber Livingston, says sternly.

“I’m choking on them,” Lanphere says in a muffled plea.

“You’re not choking on them,” Livingston says reassuringly. “Everything’s gona be fine.”

Then, his clever mother directs the conversation to the real issues at hand.

“And who are you looking for?” she asks.

“Where’s Beyonce?” Lanphere asks with a distraught look on his face.

“She told me she’d be here!” he whines, practically crying, when his mother informs him that she couldn’t make it.

“She lied to me!” he continued, wailing in sadness.

“Do you want to call her when you get home?” Livingston asks, feigning concern.

Cody Lanphere, 17, was distraught when his mother informed him that Beyonce failed to meet him. (Photo: YouTube)

Cody Lanphere, 17, was distraught when his mother informed him that Beyonce failed to meet him. (Photo: YouTube)

What endures after is 11 minutes of anguish, as Lanphere doesn’t even realize that he’s had teeth removed and panics  when he burps.

“I’m dying!” he says, confused.

Then, he gets back to the topic at hand: Beyonce, who he says he’s going to Africa to see. After, he turns to the subject of clowns, questioning his doctor’s credibility and whether or not he’s “fat.” He also declared that he doesn’t want to be “Old McDonald” when his mother reminds him that they live on a farm.

“I’m Beyonce. You don’t tell me what to do,” he concludes.

Lanphere seemed to be in good spirits about the embarrassing video. He later tweeted about the incident, even posting the YouTube video.

At least he inherited his mother’s sense of humor.

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