Miracle dog given biblical name after surviving 2 euthansia attempts

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OZARK, Ala. (PIX11/AP) — A 4-year-old mixed-breed dog has defied death more than once, and he was bestowed a namesake that reflects that feat, the Associated Press reported.

The black-and-brown dog infested with heartworms was turned into the shelter but an owner who had moved. Since no one had adopted it within a week, it was scheduled to be euthanized on Sept. 10 at the Ozark City Animal Shelter and was injected with a deadly mix of chemicals.

After the injection, animal control officer Wander Snell told AP that the dog moved a little and then succumbed to the drugs–but only after one veterinarian injected him for a second time after hearing a faint heartbeat, the a rescue organization that works with the shelter wrote on it’s Facebook page.

You can imagine Snell’s surprise when she discovered the survivor had made a full recovery overnight. Especially since it had been struck and injured by a car — an accident that vets said should have killed him, the Daily Mail reported.

“When the staff arrived in the morning, to their shock the dog was looking at them,” the rescue organization’s Facebook page wrote. “He had even eaten his left over food from the day before.”

Which is why a rescue worker named him Lazarus, after the biblical character who was brought back to life by Jesus.

Lazarus has now found a home with a family who lives in a suburb of Birmingham.


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  • James Dunham

    With all the Untreated Injuries from the Car Accident that this Dog had…

    I hope the Previous Owners that turned the Dog in are facing Animal Cruelty Charges.

    This should be occurring as it seems obvious that a Dog that :

    1) Has a Terrible case of Heartworms

    2) Was struck by a Car and not given Medical attention for its

    A) Leg hurt bad enough to need casting

    B) Open Wounds that were Bleeding

    was Neglected and Abused.

    I hope the Previous Owners face Charges for their CRIME against an Animal.

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