Guns, baseball bat were weapons used in deadly brawl outside Bronx nightclub

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FORDHAM, The Bronx (PIX11) -- The close-knit family of 24-year-old Dennis Rodriguez is waiting to hear from police about what happened in the early morning hours outside Club Xtreme on Valentine Avenue in the Bronx.

It was believed to be a fight that began inside the club and ended in a barrage of bullets, which sent six people to the hospital. Knives and a baseball bat were also used.

Police say three young men were shot including their beloved Dennis, who was shot in the torso and later died in the hospital.

"He was a great young man," cousin Danely Merejo told PIX11. "He was hard-working, very loving with his family."

A 21-year-old was shot in the head, another 21-year-old shot in the leg. Two other men were slashed, one in the face, another one in the torso.

The sixth victim was hit in the head and torso with a baseball bat.

To neighbors on this block, sadly, an early morning shooting at this club is routine, something to be expected.

"I heard the shots, and rolled over and went to sleep," Debra Beecher told PIX 11. "I am very concerned about all the shootings, but there is nothing I can do."

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