NYC neighbors organize clean-up projects

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Trash is not an uncommon sight along New York City streets.

Neighbor across the city regularly organize clean-up projects. In Long Island City, one group helped clean up an area around Queensboro Plaza.

group cleans up around Queensboro Plaza

A website in Jamaica, Queens routinely calls on elected leaders and neighbors to pitch in and help.

NYC's Department of Sanitation has more than 6,000 workers who collect 12,000 tons of trash and recycling every day. They also sweep the city’s 6,000 miles of streets and empty 25,000 corner litter baskets.

For equipment and help organizing a neighborhood clean up, contact building management or the DSNY's Community Liaison Unit at (646) 885-DSNY.

Report trash to NYC 311 here.


  • Kamala jenkins

    I live in East New York and in the process of closing on a new home. People in my community do not know what a garbage bag or receptacle is. I see people throw diapers out the window filled with sh*t out the windows on a regular basis. Chicken bones and spent condoms scattered all over the lobby and stairwells of my building. Asking the housing management to do something is like asking our mayor to bring back stop and frisk.

  • cleanupjamaicaqueens

    Wow, I know just how bad East New York is, I just went by there a couple of weeks ago, HOLY CRAP. I live in Jamaica and Jamaica is a big mess with garbage, but East New York makes Jamaica look like the Upper East Side. Good luck. You would have been better off buying a place in Jamaica, much better then East New York.

    • Kamala jenkins

      Me and my spouse are closing on a home in Massapequa park in November. Grew up in that hell hole. My parents were working poor. Now that we are moving to a good home . We wont have to worry about unsanitary conditions people chucking diapers filed with crap onto the sidewalk, and the daily gunfire going off . It is also a safe neighborhood. They call it cop land there. I have family in Hollis and Jamaica estates it is pretty clean there. Hillside avenue and some of the side streets are filled with garbage. I guess our people don not know what a garbage cans is Lol. Wish you the best of luck on your cleaning endeavors. My advice move out East. If you have kids consider their welfare and best interests..

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