Video believed to show ISIS beheading of Alan Henning, American Peter Kassig next

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CAIRO (PIX11/AP) — An Internet video purports to show an Islamic State group fighter beheading British hostage Alan Henning.

The video was released Friday night. It mirrored other beheading videos shot by the Islamic State group, which now holds territory along the border of Syria and Iraq.

The video ended with an Islamic State fighter threatening a man they identified as an American.

The Associated Press could not immediately verify the video's authenticity, though it was released in the same manner as other Islamic State group videos.

In the video, Henning says, "Hi, I'm Alan Henning.  Because of our Parliament's decision to attack the Islamic State, I as a member of the British public will now pay the price for that decision."

The black-clad executioner holding him then says, "The blood of David Haines was on your hand, Cameron.  Alan Henning will also be slaughtered, but his blood is on the hands of British parliament."

In the video which was posted on YouTube, the black-clad man holding Henning declares David Haines to be the next target for execution.

In the video which was posted on YouTube, the black-clad man holding Henning declares Peter Edward Kassig to be the next target for execution.

The video then shows the executioner, standing behind Henning, saw quickly at his throat with a knife as the video fades to black.  The next shot is a left-to-right pan of Henning's lifeless body, with his severed head placed on top of his back.

Henning, who was a taxi driver in the UK, decided to volunteer in Syria, driving a convoy of medical equipment with his Muslim colleagues to help refugees.

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Days ago, Henning's wife Barbara pleaded for his life in an emotional statement:

"Alan was taken prisoner last December by the Islamic State.  Allen is a peaceful, selfless man. I cannot see how it assists any state's cause to see a man like Alan dying.  I have been trying to communicate with the Islamic State and the people holding Alan, I pray that the people holding Alan respond to my messages before it's too late.  When they hear this message, I pray that the people of the Islamic State find it in their hearts to release my husband, Alan Henning."


    • Tony K

      Don’t click on Garry link as its a spam message and will only take you to the CNN web site when you complete one of the rubbish competition entries.

  • Mary

    How can we stop is insanity? Where is the rest of the Arab world?
    Is no one in charge in the Arabic states who could stop this murdering?
    Why do we support Saudi Arabia? Is this what the Saudis call “Power”
    when they cannot stop the crazies in their backyards?
    Why is this our story?

  • cally

    When will people realise you can not reason with these animals who use religious fanatics to achieve political agendas they will not be happy until they rule the world by terrorism we need fight them on their terms arrest all the suspects families now and hold them to ransom ‘fire with fire’ this is a war we can never win unless we apply their rules

  • Haleema

    This is terrible and very sad news :( … I can’t believe they have the guts to do that in the name of my religion.. :(

    • hasheer baboob

      well your religion sucks. islam is a disease. but dont worry so is every other religion. islam is just the worst :)

      • khalid

        Hey u. Wrong islam is pure religion don,t accuse islam for the actions of isis.islam is a peace,mercyful religion.isis is a fucking terrorists who want to destroy islam so don,t u dare saying that islam is the worst maybe ur religiln is the worst

  • Louise

    This murder has nothing to do with Islam. They tried him according to their own laws and they found him not guilty yet they still killed him. They therefore have gone against Islam. As people who aren’t Muslims we should try and understand what is going on. When these people are killing Muslims and non Muslims it is clear that they are not following the religion they claim to represent. They have said they will destroy key element of the islamic faith when they said they would destroy the muslim kaba in Mecca. These people have British , American, Russian European accents they may claim to be muslim but they clearly can’t represent Muslims when everyday Muslims are standing up and repelling their ideas and we can’t claim that this is an Arab issue when it is clear as an outsider these people aren’t even Syrian. Why can’t we use our brains and realise these people are thuggish murderers that have travelled to a land where there was a civil war and used it with their own sick minds to destroy people communities and any hope the Syrians may have had for peace. If you believe they are Muslims there is a picture going around of them praying in a triangle anyone with a single brain cell knows that Muslims all pray in the same direction facing their religious centre of Mecca. Let’s understand learn and think before we associate animals like this with any group whether you agree with their religious or political stance or not. These monsters are evil fakers using the name of a religion they don’t know or understand to perpetrate their crimes.

  • alejandro

    Obama, can you please sent me there to kill this group of isis, terrorist would love to go kill them bastards.

    • Rick

      Alejandro you are a good candidate to send there. You can’t spell, have no grammar skills, your only answer to a problem [that we as Americans refuse to admit is partially our fault from intervening in every facet of the world to make money and control power] is to kill someone. Ignorance abounds, the human race is getting more embarrassing by the day.

  • patrizia

    cara LOUISE, io sono italiana e voglio parlare italiano con te. Puoi usare google traductor se non conosci la mia lingua. Voglio dirti che sono davvero stanca di sentire queste parole: l’Islam non c’entra nulla con questi omicidi. Eh no, no! Troppo facile così. L’Islam non parla abbastanza forte, cara, per dissociarsi da questi barbari! Io non so se devo credere alla buona fede della maggioranza dei musulmani, perché ne conosco tanti, e quasi tutti appoggiano queste orrende decapitazioni, e anzi: vorrebbero ce ne fossero di più. L’Islam è in gravissimo, imperdonabile ritardo. Non arriva fin qui nessuna voce forte che ci dica, convincendoci, che loro non c’entrano con l’Isis.
    Aspettiamo, aspettiamo ancora. Ancora qualche altra gola tagliata, qualche altro minuto di inenarrabile puro orrore….aspettiamo.

  • Nadia.

    Hello Mr Jihadi John……you was born in England,,grows up and had graduated from a good university in England,,you are very intteligent person,,also a nice looking man,tall and a very good rapper singer,,,also very young age,,,,but I can’t not imagine why you left the London and went to Iraq to join with the Isis..if i look at your pictures,,,you must a good heart person.except that .you had a very good future and very tolerant life in England…untill now I stilll can’t imagine that why you had join with the Isis group.?when I saw your picture on net and heard your haved a very good sound and you speak perfect an English without accent,,,your spoken and sound rather beter than the original England’s people…..I have a question,,pls don’t angry at me…Why did you cut 4 hostages head off..? What you felt when you were still cut their head off.?… Is that not better if we alive with peace each other without has a war.? But I just feel very pity for you Mr John,because you had did this kind of job instead of your own personality is a good person who is intteligent and have a lot of talented in a good things…responsibility,a good karakter….but now is happend…pls change yourself back to the real John…..I hope and beg you very much that you will stop with beheading for the next hostage,,,pls,,,pls stop it Mr John,,,,I know your personality is opposite that you did….now is not too late to stop it and give up for this terrible job as militant on Isis,,,think on your parents,,your family,,,you can flight back with safe to England and inform to the government….Iknow you are very gentleman and responsibilty person,,,your name can be right back if you will appologize to the family of the victims,,nobody is perfect… don’t betrayed anyone when you stop to kill the next hostage…the God will forgive you,if you will consius right now,come back to England and let they sent you to the justice,,,that is very great and must beter…once I would like to beg you very much to stop beheading the next hostage,,,,I hope you read my message and will accept my advise..that is not waard if you died by the accident,,,when you come back to England,,,you shall go to the prison..but you are not bad behandle by the goverment in England…Pls listen to me..stop for beheading the next hostage,,,give them a chance be alive,,they are not doing bad….Thank you very much in advance….Nadia…

    • Ben wilson

      Shut up. Are you serious giving this hideous thing any credit at all,You sound as if your gutted he went out to join is and didn’t follow up in a fucking music career.Get your head out of his arse.,he isnt well spoken without an accen.,he’s clearly from London and one hell of an ugly bastard..hope he gets found and locked up in a community jail , no death sentence for me.waste of punishment..should make him cut his own feet off and hands,then tongue and finaly scoop his own eyes out with a fuckin spoon.

  • daznez

    rational question: why would isis act in such a way so as to bring in the western nato military and its massive arsenal while they are already trying to fight 2 civil wars in syria and iraq? don’t the heavily-armed governments of those countries pose enough of a massive fight without £30,000 smart bombs and drone strikes to contend with as well?

    all of these videos, upon which we are now dropping bombs, are faked, and they are lying through their teeth. they did the same for the iraq war in 2003 if you remember – no weapons of mass destruction found?

    and they have subtly told you not to watch any of the videos. know why? because they’re faked, and once you watch one, you will wonder why there isn’t a huge public outcry when we are going to war over them, again.
    americans have already destroyed a grain silo and hit syria’s largest gas plant with 2 civilian workers dead, how much more destruction to come with their saying it’s going to be a 2 or 3 year campaign?

    do us a favour and watch one for yourself. you’ve watched horror films in the past and known they’re not real, but they were all a great deal gorier than anything you see on these videos, because they’re faked., and they miss the actual beheading bit out.

    “I actively avoided watching the video, even after seeing quite a few
    people claiming it was a hoax. But, as the Athenian lawmaker Solon
    decreed ‘ it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy’. So, I
    decided it is all of our duty to check this out, considering the amount
    of hoax claims coming out all over the place. When I watched it, I
    couldn’t believe there hasn’t been a massive public outcry.” Peter Willoughby

    the latest one’s on ridiculous snuff, porn and gore site (sent to me in a link, i promise!) and the sotloff one with a great discussion is on the ‘free britain forum’ page.

    final note – i wouldn’t want to see a real person really get their head cut off, it would abhor and terrify me. trust me, these videos are as real as a politician’s promises.

    peace & love & freedom xxx

  • Ben wilson

    Why is all over the net that these are possibly fake executions..I have been trolling the web this morning to find concrete images or videos that show the full murders take place,instead I find sites explaining how this may NOT have happened and believe me they do sound plausible,but when you have pictures if poor Alan’s lifeless corpse its hard to imagine they never took place.anyone else come across this yet?

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