Man goes off on elderly panhandler after seeing her get into new car

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma (PIX11) — An Oklahoma man lost it when he saw an elderly panhandler who he gives money to everyday getting into a new car — and the entire encounter was recorded on cellphone video.

Daniel Ayala says he gives the 78-year-old woman money every time he passes her in Oklahoma City, PIX11 affiliate KFOR reports.

One day, Ayala said he saw the same woman getting in a 2013 Fiat, valued at $16,000 new.

Ayala approached the woman, and unbeknownst to him, he was being recorded by Brandi Newman, who recognized the panhandler as well.

“You got a better car than me!” Ayala shouted at the woman as she sat in the car’s driver’s seat. “Listen, I work hard for my money. That’s why people like you take advantage of people like me. This is bull****!”

Ayala then threatened that if he sees the car again, he’s going to “bust the window.”

The video was posted on Facebook and has over 2 million views.

“Of course, it’s not right to bash somebody’s windshield in. I didn’t think he was going to do that for a minute,” said Newman. “He’s just trying to prove a point that you don’t come here again, don’t do this again, quit scamming people.”

The family of the panhandler contacted Newman on Facebook saying they are appalled by the video, and claim the grandmother has a “panhandling permit” (which can be obtained in the state of Oklahoma for $200).

They say their grandmother is not doing anything illegal.



  • michael

    It is commonly defined as leeching! I would have been upset as well. They are to lazy to earn their own way, or in her case too stupid to not have money saved at her age.

  • Tiffany herbert

    smh sad its people who really do need. This is exactly why i be skeptical about giving and i never ever heard of a panhandler permit.

  • Jose Vega

    I’m sorry but I totally agree with him. It’s upsets me when a panhandler asks me for change but now I don’t give any money out if they are hungry then I got buy them something to eat but to give money out is a no no in my book

  • Peter Carey

    If she has a panhandler permit should the city that issues that permit ate least check to see if she is in fact destitute and did not arrive to get the permit in a $16,000 car? I believe while she has not done anything illegal it is in fact immoral and her family should be outed as enabling pieces of garbage as well.

  • PaRiah Padilla

    Thats on him for believing she was broke. you can’t get mad at the old lady she got a hustle. thats also why I don’t be giving anybody no change in new york after I saw that bum jamican on brook avenue in the bronx by c-town jump into a red convertible.

  • Edgar

    I have never heard if such a thing called a PANHANDLERS PERMIT? Really? Im just beyond words, o thought i heard everything!

  • Sonny

    Well, hey, maybe this wouldn’t have happened if the politicians in DC did not steal her retirement money from the social security retirement funds.

    • overed

      And just how do you know that she is not receiving Social Security? Do you know people that are receiving less in SS benefits now than they were before?

  • shanti

    Panhandling is wrong but seriously she is a old 78 year old lady.. where is this society going respect your elders it is sad how people are agreeing with the man for confronting her…

    • Nick

      Are you kidding me, she lost her respect when she started begging for money! I lose more respect for her fmily for letting her do it! What scumbags! That will be the day I ever let my mother beg for money!!!! Scumbag family if you ask me, even bigger losers for trying to justify it with a “permit”.. Disgrace! I don’t blame him one bit for being angry, out of the goodness of his heart for an elderly person he gave her his lunch money! Only to find out she was laughing to the bank! Garbage family

  • rb

    Wow… I am disgusted by both her and him and surprised by neither. Surprised though by some of the responses. Panhandling is not wrong if you need food or shelter and have no other way. Panhandling to get luxury IS wrong. It is false advertising and that is illegal. The family who thinks she did nothing wrong, shame on them too. Being old isn’t a license to take advantage of people. Ayala was naive. There was a woman I saw every day begging for years downtown nyc, wearing expensive new sneakers. When you walked by her to get to the job you worked hard at, providing a service to others to earn your foor, shelter, and nice things, she would get nasty. My typical attitude is, if I have food with me and they appear hungry, they can have it. Money gets donated only through officual.channels to we’ll run organizations, so I know the chances are good it’s not going to alcohol, drugs, luxury cars, etc…and benefitting people who actually need it.

  • sv

    This is why i dont give out money like that and If the family really cared about their elderly grandmother she wouldn’t have to be asking strangers for money they would actually help so therefore they shouldn’t have any opinions about ppl acting out their feelings

  • tm

    We understand what he’s talking about. We have a lot of experience with being ripped off by leeches for decades.

    • overed

      “We have a lot of experience with being ripped off by leeches for decades.”
      In other words, you give to churches regularly.

  • Trippin

    Good thing she wasn’t a mega-bank executive taking a salary and bonus in the millions while taxpayers bailed out their fraud, or there would hardly be a story about it. But this? Why, it’s an outrage, I tell you! That car cost $16,000! Of course that’s about two hours worth of pay to the banksters, but who’s counting?

  • Joe "Rat tail" Moss

    Honestly, I don’t feel bad for these people. It is VERY rare to just wake up and have a bad life from there. We all make decisions. People who panhandle made poor decision after poor decision, just like most fat people. Day after day they make a decision to eat fat food and not exercise. 2 decades later, they are fat. But ohhhh, poor me. Whatever. It’s too bad life can’t speed up and eliminate these people.

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