EXCLUSIVE: Mister Softee has ‘melt down’ in Brooklyn when franchise is shut down

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- When PIX11 News paid a return visit to the Mister Softee truck depot on Stanley Avenue in Brooklyn, they weren’t happy to see us.

That’s because the New York City Health Department had just shut down the facility at 400 Stanley Avenue after inspectors found trucks with Nassau County permits were buying supplies at the Brooklyn location—and then selling ice cream in Brooklyn—even though they didn’t have a required sticker from the city’s Health Department.

“I think justice is served,” said Godfrey Robinson—known as “Kool Man”—an independent truck operator who claimed the large Mister Softee franchise in East New York had been harassing him for years. “He told me to go ‘f’ myself and I can’t work here anymore, so—after that—‘I said I have to do what I have to do.’”

What Robinson did was file repeated complaints with the Health Department—and NYPD—claiming he was harassed for the last eight years by the rival trucks—sometimes blocked from doing business.

He also reported the Nassau County stickers that were affixed to most of the trucks. Robinson said the owner of the “Softee” franchise depot, Hilary Guishard, tried to intimidate him.

“I don’t mind that he worked, ‘free enterprise!’” Robinson said. “But you have no license, and you’re harassing me? That’s not fair.”

When PIX11 News first did the story in August about the bitter showdowns between the two, ice cream vendors, Guishard spoke to us and denied he had ever threatened Robinson or anyone else. “We don’t have to threaten anyone,” Guishard said back then. “We’re Mister Softee. We are the best.”

Mr. Guishard told us the trucks were owned by independent vendors who just used the depot for parking.
On Friday, he didn’t want to speak to us and said, “Please leave.”

His associates were not so polite.

They pushed our PIX11 photographer’s camera and cursed him, as one spit on the ground—with the gate to the depot rolling down.


  • Sarah h

    If this DEPOT had nothing too hide and was legit. Why mr gusaird didn’t want too speak too the news.
    He also said he was the. Best so if mister softee is the best so why don’t the best have all the requirements. To operate. Thanks to the news. Now. Know the facts. Thanks

  • tim

    Good. I used to work on ice cream trucks and had to deal w death threats, slashed tires, trespassing, wreckless driving, etc. I have heard they are mob affiliated as well. Wouldn’t be surprised. They should be put out of business for good.

  • Mark

    Finally someone had the balls.to stand up to mister softee. Cause mister softee. Always going around. And suing people left and right. But the company was operating a illegal business. Shame on mister softee. Like the say. The same people you step on going up is the same people you see coming down.lol

  • Anthony

    That bastared doc got what he deserved FYI mr. Hilary is doc and an ass hole he can owe you money but if you owe him 10 bucks you can’t work fuck him

  • tim

    that’s so good that happened I work in the depot and he deserve that and much much more he made us all get those Nassau County permits if not he would not sell no supply that’s what what you do here you pay here

  • anonymous

    Im a franchise. Owner from the brooklyn depot and due to fear im posting anonymous. But Godfrey was 100%correct for telling on mr Hillary as a franchise owner mr Hillary told me too pay $400 .for Nassau county permits. And that it was ok for me too work with no problem. But it was only for his and the mister softee gain.now i pay royalties. And the depot closed. That’s a breach of contract. For all the royalties. We pay and now cant get my truck out .that’s breach of contract check the mister softee franchise. So mr Conway your move now.you can’t sue for free speech. I think you need to go back to the drawing board sir.

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