Legal swinger’s club has neighboring tenants in a furor

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The Amsterdam Club

The Amsterdam Club reportedly operates out of the third floor of this office building in the Financial District. (Photo: Google Maps)

NEW YORK (PIX11) — The Financial District now has its own wannabe version of the Playboy Mansion for mixing business and pleasure — but not everybody in the area is satisfied.

A raucous swingers club has been discovered, operating out of the third floor of an office building on Cliff St., the New York Post reports. It shows no signs of slowing or quieting down.

The Amsterdam Club offers sexy parties and special themed nights for couples and singles in the same locale as a handful of other professional, non-sexual businesses.

“It’s infuriating and embarrassing for me, because I have our team and our employees in these conditions,” another company owner from the same building told the Post. “It’s horrible in every sense. We’ve had meetings, and we’ve heard things.”

The Amsterdam Club hosts birthday parties, “Poke Her Night” and post-wedding bashes, among other celebrations, according to its Facebook page.

The Post noted that a task force, which included NYPD, raided the club on Sept. 19, but couldn’t fault it for anything aside from its lack of a liquor license.

Although the club is evidently operating on legal ground (so long as participants don’t pay for sex), tenants are outraged by its appearance and loud activity, which can reportedly range from karaoke to marathon-long stretches of moaning and groaning.

“We’re worried about our reputation as a business,” another neighbor said. “We want it out of here.”

The Daily Mail reports that the owner of the building has filed a lawsuit against the club, which allegedly signed its lease as a video production outlet.