Kidnapped Texas girl Sabrina Allen found safe in Mexico 12 years later

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Sabrina Allen, who is now 17 years old, was found safe in Mexico Sept. 30. (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children)

Sabrina Allen, who is now 17 years old, was found safe in Mexico Sept. 30. (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children)

NEDERLAND, Texas (PIX11) — A Texas girl who was kidnapped 12 years ago was found safe in Mexico Tuesday.

Sabrina Allen was last seen by her father when she was 4 years old in 2002. She was taken by her mother Dara Llorens, who lost custody of the child after a divorce with the father, Greg Allen, April 21, 2002.

Llorens abducted Sabrina during an unsupervised visit following the divorce and later fled to Mexico, according to authorities. The pair was found in Mexico City in 2003, but managed to escape capture, KXAN reported.

Since then, the mother and daughter have been sought by investigators and the girl’s father, who made a website dedicated to finding Sabrina.

After an extensive search, the FBI, U.S. Marshals Office and Mexican Federal Police worked together to successfully rescue Sabrina Sept. 30.

Dara Llorens was found in Mexico with her abducted daughter Sept. 30. (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children)

Dara Llorens was found in Mexico with her abducted daughter Sept. 30. (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children)

Llorens was found in Estafeta Tlaxcala southeast of Mexico City.  She was placed under surveillance for two weeks by an informant that was working for Klein Investigations & Consulting Texas, a press release stated.

The woman was taken into custody at 11:32 a.m. Tuesday and extradited back to the United States. Minutes later Sabrina was taken into custody at a residence in the same city.

Llorens is being held in the Travis County Jail in lieu of a $300,000 bond. She was charged with aggravated kidnapping. Sabrina, who is now 17, is being evaluated by doctors at an undisclosed location in Texas, but was found to be in good physical health.

One Mexican Federal Police officer sustained a minor injury during a struggle with Llorens, but is said to be recovering and in good condition.

Sabrina and her father have not yet been reunited, but Allen released the following statement shortly after the rescue mission was complete:

I am overjoyed that Sabrina has been found alive and is safe. Our entire family would like to thank the investigators that made this happen. Our prayers go out to the Mexican Federal Police Officer who was injured. We also would like to thank the Mexican Government for their cooperation in this case. Last, a heartfelt thank you to the USFBI, BS Marshals, and all of the investigators that worked this case for the last 12 years. They never gave up. We look forward to being reunited very soon.

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Allen said his daughter is suffering from emotional trauma.

“She’s in pretty bad shape, from my understanding. She’s been told I’m a bad guy, that I’m a wife beater and other accusations that are also false,” he said.

“She’s just not ready to see me and my family,” Allen, who remarried 10 years ago, said. “I hope and pray that’s coming soon, and I can’t predict it.”



  • Lee Milby (@LeeMILBY)

    I feel bad for the girl, regardless of intentions, that poor teenager’s whole life was just turned upside down in an instant. It probably feels to her like she has been kidnapped and brought to this strange place away from her friends and family she grew up with.

  • vio

    I feel bad for the mother also… as for me she loved her doughter more than anything else… why they decided that the girl has to live with her father, is that becouse he had more money and authority? why do they all think she would like to live with his new family instead of living with her natural mother, who gave up to her own life in order to live with her child, to see her every day and fell asleep every night.

    • Laura

      Amen, Vio! My sentiments exactly! The news say “Sabrina Allen found Alive” well of course she’s alive, the mother quite obviously loves her daughter. I read an article where it says she was kept as a prisoner in their two-bedroom apartment, but I find this hard to believe since a photo that has been passed around shows a healthy, happy, teenaged girl with a big smile and her mother;s chestnut hair. The poor girl, she is probably in shock over being taken from her mother, she doesn’t even know her father anymore and he has a new family. Where will she fit in? All the news broadcasts demonize the mother and it’s just wrong. I have always felt in my heart that the Courts gave custody to the man because he had money, power and influence. He claims the mother was diagnosed with a “personality disorder” but never said which one, he demonized her and has never once said that the mother loves her daughter, which she quite clearly does, she gave her life and risked everything to keep her daughter with her. My prayers for all involved, this cannot be an easy situation.

  • green41563

    @Laura & Vio What planet are you two nutjobs from? The mother is a criminal. She kidnapped the child in violation of state law. Period, end of story. She belongs in prison.

    • justin

      What an idiotic assessment. The mother isn’t a criminal. I am assuming you also believe the “justice” system is fair and unbiased. Please. The winner goes to who ever has the most money, period, end of story. Are you an upper class white male by chance? A novice reader could look at this article and see the obvious bias…#eyesrollingattheidiocracy #lettheemotionalinsultsfromyoubegin…now

  • Joy

    The mother was clearly an unstable individual. Courts are usually far too lenient in what they allow some parents to do while still allowing them custody and/or visitation rights. The article mentioned that not only was custody given to the father but also that the mothers visitation rights were revoked. This strongly indicates that something very wrong was going on with the mother. In addition, we have no actual indication that the mother did anything out of love for her daughter, if anything we are given proof of the opposite. The mother not only took the girl from her father, but also from any other family that the child might have had as well as the stability that she probably needed during the difficult time of change that came from her parents divorce. Then she led a life that repeatedly endangered her daughters mental/emotional stability and possibly even her life by living on the run without a stable constant home and at times living in some relatively sketchy places crime wise. This indicates that the mothers motivation was control, not love. By kidnapping her daughter, the mother was able to get back at the father and brain wash the child into believing lies about her father, such as how he was supposedly abusive which, in and of itself, is a form of emotional abuse that the mother is inflicting on the girl (the father’s behavior in admitting this acquisition indicates that he doesn’t feel defensive or like he needs to hide anything, so its more than likely that it is true that he is innocent of these claims. Not to mention, he has been working closely with police for several years while being remarried and has not been accused of anything or had the police notice any abusive behaviors). We also don’t know if any other additional abuse was inflicted on the girl by her mother because, unlike if the girl had stayed with her father in the US, there were no custody or social workers who could look in on the situation. The mother could have been doing who knows what to the girl and no one would ever know. If the mother really loved her daughter she would have done what was best for the health and stability of her daughter, not what was best for the mother’s ‘feelings’ and personal desires.

    • Ava-Marie Platz

      Joy, sensible and sound thinking, I say. Courts don’t usually award custody to the father, so there must have been a good reason for the judge to believe the girl would be better off with her father. The mother loved her daughter apparently, but saw no reason to follow the law and visit her daughter when the law allowed supervised visits. Look what happened when the court allowed an unsupervised visit. The wonderful thing about children is that they begin to see their parents for who they really are and how they really are as they grow up. The daughter is 17 now. I want to hear what the daughter has to say about this experience when she is closer to 25 years old.

    • Celeste Keenan

      That’s the most sensible reply I’ve seen on the subject of Sabrina Allen yet Joy. Greg Allen was obviously the right parent to raise Sabrina. But he didn’t get that chance because of what Sabrina’s mother did.
      Dara was obviously a threat to Sabrina’s physical and emotional well being. Otherwise why would the courts have given custody of a four year old girl to her father?

  • Merlinda Fernandez

    I’m sorry for all that has happened but because of your wife and ur problems this girl has it all messed up. How would he feel seeing her mom once a week and daddy with someone else.

  • Merlinda Fernandez

    That mother shouldn’t be in jail. Its not kidnapping if
    Its ur own kid. I would understand if the mother beat the kid or killed someone but she didn’t. I don’t understand men. We women’s give birth to these kids without us guys wouldn’t have shit. Now grow the fuck up get the mother out of jail and stop putting the system in ur problems. The system didn’t make the kid with ya.

    • Celeste Keenan

      Yes it is!
      If you’re a parent, you don’t have legal custody of your child, and you take that child without the consent of the legal custodial parent you are a KIDNAPPER!!

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