Howard gets SUNY Downstate to pay money owed to small Brooklyn business

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- Fran Grillo and Susann Landiscrina are longtime friends and business partners in Brooklyn.

They’re in a business that’s being hit hard by technology. They transcribe medical data. Since 2012, their company, Cardinal Transcribing, has been owed money for work done at Long Island College Hospital.

The problem getting paid stems from the fact that SUNY Downstate took over LICH. And this year LICH went out of business.

“I’m calling three times a week for the last year,” Susann told me. “I’m getting very frustrated. I would like to speak with someone who can give me a result.”

Fran is equally irate.

“I’m sure they don’t do this to bigger companies that can hire a lawyer and get their money back.”

And it’s a lot of money they’re owed: more than $6,900.

So, unable to get anywhere with SUNY Downstate, the ladies got hold of me. And I got in touch with SUNY Downstate. I explained the problem and sent over the ladies’ invoices that had been ignored for so long.

That did the trick. A few days later, Fran and Susann had their long-awaited, hard earned money.

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