Aging NYC fashionistas shattering stereotypes in youth-obsessed world

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- While photographers in New York typically swarm around 20-something-year-old Hollywood starlets, Ari Seth Cohen zeroes in on the 60 and over, fashion-conscious crowd.

Cohen’s one-of-a-kind movement is called Advanced Style which celebrates older women for their vivacious spirits and creative style.

“When I moved to New York I started meeting all these incredibly dressed, vital, interesting vibrant ladies who I would photograph,” Cohen told PIX11 News. “I knew these pictures and these ladies had the power to really change our perception of aging.”

The California native eventually launched a blog which turned into a book and four years later has become a documentary film.

The full-length documentary "Advanced Style" profiles 7 adventurous older women living in New York City where they shatter stereotypes and challenge so-called age appropriate style.

“[I hope they] see that you can try something new,” cast member Lynn Dell Cohen said, referring to what she hopes young viewers walk away with.

“[It’s about] being happy with who you are today not what I was yesterday, not what I’m going to be tomorrow – this is what I am, I am what I am.”

Whether she’s ever lied about her age, Iiona Smithkin who is the eldest featured in the film, admitted she always had a prepared quip for that question.

“When I was younger they always used to ask me ‘how old are you?’ and I would say ‘I’m between 50 and death,” Smithkin told PIX11 News.

“But now I’m very proud because it took a very long time to become 94 years old.”

“Advanced Style” is playing now at the Quad Cinema in the West Village through October 9. For show times, click here.

Watch the official “Advanced Style” trailer below.