NYPD has a problem with chokeholds, discipline: report

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Police chokehold complaints are on the rise and the NYPD has disciplinary problems, according to a copy of a Civilian Complaint Review Board report, which was obtained and posted by the New York Post.

The 120-plus-page document the Post uploaded to its site early Sunday notes 1,128 choking allegations and comes on the heels of the July death of Eric Garner, who died from a police officer's apparent chokehold.

NYPD's Patrol Guide does not allow chokeholds, according to the report, which the Post reports will be issued later this week. But the documents say the police department has a nebulous definition of a chokehold and what is constituted as applying pressure to the neck region.

The report also lambasts the police department for its failure to hold bad cops accountable for their actions — the worst punishment doled out so far has been a loss of 10 vacation days.

The report was fired off by the CCRB's new president, civil-rights attorney Richard Emery.

Although complaints are on the rise, the Post notes the board has only substantiated 10 cases out of the more than 1,100 that have been filed to the CCRB in the last five to six years.

Emery's board is calling for better supervision and cop training; it is also slamming its own former investigators as being too lenient in their handling of past incidents.

When asked about the findings, Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, told the Post that any report based on "unsworn, unsubstantiated and poorly investigated complaints that were filed by criminals is totally meaningless."

A grand jury in the Garner case will begin hearing evidence Monday on Staten Island.

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