Man gives wheel-chair bound Yankee fan 2 tickets to Derek Jeter’s last home game

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THE BRONX (PIX11) -- After we met Alex Luteran Wednesday night, he headed home with plans to watch Derek Jeter play the following night from his own home in New Jersey.

But as hundreds of fans began lining up outside Yankee Stadium Thursday for the Captain’s last home game, Alex found himself suiting up, and before you know it, he too was here, the result of being in the right place at the right time.

You see, this is indeed a story about the legendary Derek Jeter winding down his career at home.

A man who excelled on the field and over two decades, consistently set an example away from it.

But the power of Jeter’s relationship with his fans is what brings us back to Alex Luteran.

Alex is here thanks to the generosity of this man -who saw Alex in our first story and called us to say he would donate two tickets, so that Alex and a caretaker could see Jeter Play at Yankee Stadium for the last time.

He didn’t want his name publicized, or his face shown on television.

It was simply a good deed.

It was during the game the story of “Derek Jeter” -- at least for us -- came full circle.

An act of selfless generosity, met with sincere appreciation, were brought together on a night when a sold out crowd bid adieu to one of baseball’s classiest acts.

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