Did Mayor de Blasio kill groundhog Staten Island Chuck?

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NEW YORK (AP/PIX11) - The rodent that escaped New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's grasp during this year's Groundhog Day ceremony reportedly died a week after the fall.

The New York Post says the Staten Island Zoo didn't notify the mayor's office about the groundhog's demise.

Moreover, the Post reports that the groundhog that died wasn't the famed Staten Island Chuck, but rather a stand-in named Charlotte.

The Post says the animal died of internal injuries after falling several feet. But the zoo says it's unlikely the fall contributed to its death.

De Blasio was doing the February ceremony for the first time.

The story exploded Thursday on social media, including jokes about a #Groundhoghazi cover-up.

A spokesperson for the Mayor's office told PIX11 News that they were unaware that the groundhog had died and that it is an "unfortunate loss."