VIDEO: Wisconsin man has 100 orgasms a day due to rare medical condition

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WISCONSIN (PIX11) — A freak accident left a man with a seemingly incurable condition where he suffers from 100 unwanted orgasms a day.

Dale Decker, 37, developed Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome in September of 2012 after he slipped a disc in his back while getting out of a chair. Decker experienced five orgasms during the ride to the hospital and they have not stopped since, Barcroft TV reported.

“There’s nothing pleasurable about it because even though it might physically feel good, the whole time inside you’re mind, you’re completely disgusted by what’s going on. And depending on where you’re at — if you’re in public, if you’re in front of kids, if you’re around strangers — I mean it could make a person break real fast,” Decker told Barcroft TV.

“When you’re on your knees at your father’s funeral beside his casket, saying goodbye to him — and then you have nine orgasms right there while your whole family is standing behind you. It makes you never want to have another orgasm for as long as you live,” Decker said.

Dale Decker suffers from 100 orgasms a day due to a rare medical condition. (Youtube/Barcroft TV)

Dale Decker suffers from 100 orgasms a day due to a rare medical condition. (Youtube/Barcroft TV)

The illness has taken a negative toll on Decker’s everyday life. The father of two does not have a strong relationship with his children, Christian, 12 and Tayten, 11.

Decker is unable to go to sporting events with his two sons out of fear of embarrassment. Because his children do not know about the condition, they typically do not understand why their father cannot make it to their practices.

The syndrome has also affected Decker’s marriage to his wife April.

“We tend to have arguments about stuff that shouldn’t be argued about. We already struggle right now. He can’t work and help supply, so I feel stressed from that,” April told Barcroft TV.

Since developing the condition, Decker has been unable to work. He usually stays at home out of fear of having an episode in public. In addition to orgasms, Decker also experiences erections for three to four hours at a time.

Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome is so rare most doctors cannot diagnose it, but Decker hopes there will be a cure one day so he can return to his previous life.



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