Online hoax fools iPhone users into microwaving their phones

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(PIX11) — An online hoax is fooling iPhone users into microwaving their phones for a quick and easy charge.

The “Wave” is being advertised as an iOS 8 exclusive. The phoney ad says “Wave allows your device to be charged wirelessly through microwave frequencies. Wave can be used to quickly charge your device’s battery using any standard home microwave.” It continues to say a minute and a half in the microwave is all iOS 8 users need to charge their phones.

The fake ad is designed similarly to Apple’s website. It also includes “© 2014 Apple Inc. All rights reserved” on the bottom, making it appear even more authentic.

Several iPhone users have gone to social media to post images of microwaved phones. The same users also warn people not to fall for the hoax.

Apple released the iOS 8 upgrade Sept. 17. It is unclear how many people fell victim to the fake ad, but the Los Angeles Police Department issued a warning Tuesday confirming the “Wave capability” is indeed a hoax.



    • apple

      That is definitely true. On the other hand, if you are stupid enough to fall for this, then you do deserve to have an iphone.

      iPhones were specially made for the stupid.

  • Anon Imus

    I once worked for where the owner said people used Apple products were “smarter” than people who used PCs.
    I didn’t believe him then and this doesn’t really help his case.
    Ignorance can be mitigated but you can’t cure “stupid.”

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