Diehard Derek Jeter gets to see him play for the first time

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THE BRONX (PIX11)-- It may have been a bird’s eye view.

But Alex Luteran - a fan of Derek Jeter dating back to his rookie year can at least say he was in the building to witness, in person, for the first time, Jeter take the plate at home.

What made Alex’s visit even more special - and our chance meeting, that more memorable was Alex hasn’t seen the Yanks play at home - in 40 years.

This die-hard fan seemed like the perfect person to ask the question dominating sports talk radio.

What makes Jeter such a special player?

“He could do everything. He seems to be nice to people. I mean, he’ll come over and talk to ya. It’s like, when he’s working, it’s like hi! How ya doin?” said Alex.

Alex’s answer perhaps reveals what - in large part, made Jeter such an icon.

Fans seem to be just as aware of the Captain’s long list of impressive stats…as they are his legendary reputation as a nice guy off the field.

Wally Matthews is the Yankees beat writer for ESPN-NY.com.

“He definitely put a good face on baseball when it needed. We’re talking about a game that was besmirched by the Mark Maguire, by Sammy Sosa, by alex Rodriguez. And I think that Derek Jeter was the face that baseball needed. A guy that parents could actually say to their kid - be like Derek Jeter,” said Matthews.

It’s doubtful that a soggy weather forecast will dampen the excitement Thursday evening, when Jeter plays the last home game of his career.

Alex Luteran says he’ll be at home - reluctantly watching the end of a career, a season and an era.


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