Caught on camera: Pregnant woman allegedly slammed onto street by officer

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SUNSET PARK, Brooklyn (PIX11) -- The video captured over the weekend on 5th Avenue in Sunset Park is extremely disturbing for any parent.

A pregnant woman is seen being thrown down to the ground by an NYPD officer.

Another look at the disturbing video in slow motion shows the woman -- who is six months pregnant -- not only landing on her stomach, but she and her developing child having to absorb the weight of a police officer on top of her as well.

Authorities say police were attempting to apprehend a man who was possibly in possession of a gravity knife when several family members, which included the pregnant woman, tried to intervene.

Denis Flores is the founder of the El Grito de Sunset Park, an advocacy group that brings attention to what he describes as controversial tactics of the NYPD.

Flores says there is only one resolution in this latest case.

"These cops need to be fired," Flores told PIX11 News.

The woman, who was issued a summons for disorderly conduct,  and her baby are recovering, but there are some complications according to her attorney Sanford Rubenstein said.

"What happened is appalling and should not be happening in New York City," Rubenstein added. "These videos are pictures of the truth and those who take them are performing a public service."

Rubenstein also represents the family of Eric Garner, the Staten Island father who died in August after being put into a chokehold by an officer.

Flores says that accountability of the NYPD'S 72nd Precinct needs to happen as a result of this case, as well as the recent stomping of a food vendor at a street fair.

"What we are seeing here is a group of officers that are acting more like criminals instead of people that are here to protect us and serve the interest of the people in this neighborhood," Flores said.

"Yet again, this is the second time we've seen a video like this in this precinct," Councilman Carlos Menchaca said. "This is a result of a culture that needs to change.

While the NYPD had no formal comment as to why an officer would slam a woman and her unborn child to the pavement, an official within the department said that the woman had intervened in an arrest.

The incident is being investigated by the Internal Affairs Bureau.

The Office of Public Advocate Letitia James had no comment saying simply that they are going to investigate the case.

A news conference is slated for Wednesday afternoon with Rubenstein. It is unclear as of yet if the expectant mother will be at the news conference.



  • Salen mom

    72 pct did it a lot they did it to me. I have videos pictures. But no help. I would like to hope they go down for what they did to them. I’m hoping I can get some help too.

  • Luke

    The woman should not have gotten in the way of the police officer when he was attempting to apprehend someone with a knife. The police officer was trying to protect himself and when a crazy woman comes at any police officer they are going to react with force. The woman should not have put her baby in harms way; the woman made the conscience choice of lunging at the police officer and the officers are trained to react in a certain way.

  • Blair Younger (@BlairAAA)

    We don’t know what happened before the video but when it starts the cop is already assaulting her. So she allegedly lunged at him. Authorities will say anything to cover up their dirt. Even if she did, they need to be trained how to better react. You don’t throw a pregnant woman down to the ground. What a monster. This is inexcusable.

      • Blair (@BlairAAA)

        1) Can you name a white neighborhood with no crime? 2)What does a black neighborhood have to do with this? The people involved weren’t black. You’re making assumptions that they were drunk based on…

    • Rezzok

      The only monster I see is a pregnant woman who picks a fight with an officer not thinking about her unborn babies safety. Its pretty simple, don’t argue/fight with cops on the street and cops won’t have to use force on you.

      • End Criminal Welfare

        200 5th ave has almost zero crime. but yet I see you dodge the question about black neighborhoods. you know where most welfare monkeys live and breed. I can name over 50 black gangs in the city not too many white gangs. do you think criminals should get welfare?

  • Welfare monkey

    1) was she an illegal? which New Yorkers will pay for the welfare food stamps and section 8 housing ? 2) why did she resist arrest? 3) why was the criminal son carrying a weapon? arrest history? warrants? 3) how many of that woman’s family memebers are non working welfare monkeys? how many of them are in gangs? why did the cops have to shiw up at the scene? why didnt any of the other lazy welfare monkeys didnt stop the mother from interfering with the arrest? can anyone here name me one black neighborhood that has no crime???? its not rascism if its true. isn’t the real truth ugly ?

  • End Criminal Welfare

    it’s amazing these people have no jobs but are allowed by liberals to commit crimes. and what happens afterwards? the people bitch that the police aren’t doing their jobs. it’s time to end criminal welfare. no more welfare checks. food stamps. and section 8 housing. do you think criminals in the projects will commit crimes if they are going to lose their lotto welfare benefits? this is how you reduce crime

  • Blair (@BlairAAA)

    and you do know there are more white people in the country on welfare than people of color don’t you? (yes, the truth really IS ugly) I’m not sure of your background but you seem to be focused “black neighborhoods” which have nothing to do with this particular story. Calling people monkeys…these people aren’t monkeys, so it must be racist. You didn’t see what happened before the video started so you’re basing all of your ignorant comments on speculation. Wow, where do you people come from? Again, one white neighborhood that doesn’t have crime (since you questioned black neighborhoods in two different comments)


    #1 why does the video start in the end where she gets arrested why doesn’t it show from the beginning when she is supposedly a simple good girl (which she probably never was)
    #2 she is resisting arrest without a question and Police are suppose to do whatever nesc. to get her under arrest and if she resisted she got what she deserved.

  • Smart&Black

    Funny “Welfare Monkey” and “End Criminal Welfare” have the attitude that they are part of a “smart race” unlike Hispanics and Blacks who are bringing down the country while their very comments show that they are not capable of high level intellectual reasoning (and thus closer to being monkeys than a lot of people who look down on). They just fall on primitive fears of losing “their country”, generalizing groups of people who look and live differently than them, shooting off ignorant rhetoric based on what they hear from Limbaugh, Anne Coulter and other members of the republican party/conservatives who live off hating liberals and minorities.

    -a black person from the hood

    • End Criminal Welfare

      which project do you live in? you clearly are smoking too much weed to comment on this. how many warrants so you have? how many times have you been arrested? do you collect welfare? your opinion doesn’t count

  • pix 11 news caster horrible

    News casters will say anything to get there faces on T.V. She clearly lost her balance and fell. Probably not pregnant just fat. SHAME on u pix11 show the whole video not just her falling!!! Then we really see what happened.

  • End Criminal Welfare

    people who live in public housing are2% of the city’s population. yet they produce 23% of all the crime in the city. and major of these people are black and Hispanic. what makes a neighborhood bad? welfare monkeys who don’t want to work sell weed. rape. rob. and piss in housing stairwells and commit crimes. do you know how many asian and Mexican food delivery are robbed everyday and it’s not reported? again name me one black neighborhood with no crime. and where is is $ Al Sharpton $?

  • End Criminal Welfare

    open up the paper or news I can name a dozen black criminals who committed crimes yesterday. go to any bad neighborhood and look at the wanted posters. black and Hispanic people. you welfare monkeys get welfare and refuse to work. and who do you call when your baby daddy is beating you? when the city has to pay child support for her 5 different baby daddy’s at age 16? the cops. do the city a favor don’t call he cops and handle your own shit you created

  • End Criminal Welfare

    would crime not drop if these welfare monkeys knew they would lose their lotto welfare benefits food stamps and section 8 housing ? do you think these criminals would think twice before raping a 5 year old in a housing elevator? think before they rob your grandma in a dark piss and shit stairwell? think really hard

  • End Criminal Welfare

    racists comments? how is it racist when all I have said is all true? visit Brownsville after dark. after you are raped robbed and beaten. when you call the cops. oh yes the cops. to file that report and rape kit. think about what you read here

  • Bruno-lady

    End Criminal Welfare, you seem very bitter and angry. Whats the matter there hun? Why is this all about you calling people names?

    • End Criminal Welfare

      sorry I call it as I see it. have you been to these animals apartments? on an ems run? acs job? fed ex or ups workers being robbed? New Yorkers need to wake up now would you give your hard earned cash to rapists and murderers? you do with welfare

  • End Criminal Welfare

    when you are headed late home on the subway after working 12 hours and a bunch of black hoodlum teens enter the train acting loud and ignorant. they look at you as their next victim. will you cringe? hold your purse tighter? who will help you when they pounce and start beating you? who can you call? and when they slit open your dress to begin to cheer and gang rape you. do you think Jesus is going to help you ? all ugly and true things that have happened and are going to continue to happen. ignorance breeds stupidity. and if you act like an animal in front of the cops you get treated like one

  • Wake Up NY

    Scroll down the page. Tell me what kind of animals do you see committing crimes and ask yourselves. “Are they all on welfare? And why do I need to support low lifes such as these?”

  • Wake Up NY

    a fraction of the crimes committed everyday Blair
    and what do you do about it? Play the Al Sharpton Game ?
    Attacker caught on camera trying to rape woman in Crown Heights stairwell
    Suspected cop impersonator accused of raping woman arrested

    Trio wanted in Sunset Park beating and robbery

    Culprit at large after 63-year-old woman sucker punched at subway station

    When crimes happen, the liberals bitch. But when the police taken action to subdue these animals its brutality. Who told these people to resist? Wake the hell up

  • Wake Up NY

    After shootings which mainly occurred in public housing areas and HIGH CRIME neighborhoods, the city gave the police 210 Million $$$ for more patrol, more bright lights in the projects, and more community center hours. Yet crime continues to climb in these areas???? Liberals please stop hiding under your beds and explain to me how the police are not doing their jobs? Perhaps they should get tazers and you people can film the Most Hilarious Criminals for tv. I definitely would laugh. And Ms. Blair, what area do you live in again? At any time did your education involve welfare? Grow up in the “hood”? I’m sure you are glad you “got out”. So now you can hug your white boy friend and complain about “black crime”.

  • Jim Kelly

    She looks like a fat piece of shit! Now the cops are supposed to know who’s pregnant and who’s just a fat turd?? C’mon people if this savage really gave a crap about her unborn child she wouldn’t be strutting around the streets at 2am.

  • End Criminal Welfare

    2 black criminals put a gun to a child’s head in a robbery. media doesn’t state they were 2 black young welfare monkeys. why is that? where is Al Sharpton? why isn’t this all over the news? and if the police 2 black guys matching the description it’s called what again? oh yes “harassment”. not crime fighting but harassment who wants to bet these 2 live in the projects and are on welfare? Blair where are you to defend these welfare monkeys?

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