Woman ‘Jasmine Tridevil’ claims she got 3rd breast implanted to look ‘unattractive to men’

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TAMPA, Fla. (PIX11) - "Jasmine Tridevil" says her dreams of reality-show stardom and a distaste for dating led to her decision to implant a third breast in between the two she was born with.

The Florida woman claims she raised $20,000 for surgery, which was allegedly performed after an exhaustive search for a doctor willing to do it, she told Real Radio FM 104.4.  She says she saved up money while working as a licensed massage therapist.

"It was really hard finding someone who would do it too, because they're breaking the code of ethics to do it," Tridevil said, adding that she had to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  According to her, she went to at least 50 surgeons before finding one who would do it.

She said some doctors assumed her request was a prank and simply refused to talk to her.

The breast, which was allegedly constructed from silicone and skin tissue from her stomach, was attached in the middle of her chest.  To make the areola, the surgeon implanted a small, circular section that Tridevil claims to have tattooed to make it look more realistic.

She says she is tired of her job and wants to become a reality star, and has set her heart set on starring in an MTV show.  As for her appearance, Tridevil says she is sick of dating and also wanted to make herself "unattractive to men."

She said that her mom ran out the door when she heard the news, and her father has "accepted it" but doesn't want to be seen on camera anymore.

"To me it just feels like another boob, the only difference is the nipple," Tridevil told the radio hosts.

She claims that she has hired a camera crew to film her, and has poured all of her savings into financing the project.

Her posts on Facebook were met with mixed reactions of horror, concern and support:




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