Thousands expected to turn out for Climate Change March

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- It's being billed as the biggest climate march in history.

More than 100,000 people are expected to march to demand action on climate change.
Thousands of organizations, groups from 300 Colleges, 479 busloads of activists, even two "climate trains" that have traveled from California to New York, making stops along the way to pick up green riders from across the country.

"We have labor unions, church groups, it's already a success," Phil Aroneanu, climate march spokesman, told PIX11.

The Climate Change March starts at 11:30 am at 86th St. and Central Park West then heads south to 59th Street then east along Central Park South to sixth Avenue and South to 42nd St.
Then West to 11th Ave. and then south again, finally ending at 34th St. and 11th avenue.
"I didn't know anything about it," Steve Olsen, the owner of West Bank Cafe, said. "I saw the metal barriers and I thought it was a half marathon."

West Bank Cafe is located at 42nd Street and Ninth Avenue. Like many of the businesses along the March route, Olsen says he wasn't told about the huge numbers expected by either the peoples climate movement or the NYPD so they are not prepared.
"We will improvise," Olsen told PIX 11. "I hope it's a million marchers. I am all for climate change."
Activists are marching as 120 heads of state including President Obama meet in the city for the UN Climate Summit. With the General assembly starting Monday, be prepared for some major traffic tie ups.

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