Should NYPD School Safety Agents be writing traffic tickets?

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Some neighbors are asking the city to allow school safety agents to write traffic tickets in school zones.

Community Education Council 31 in Staten Island voted to ask NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton to consider it for the 5 boroughs.

CEC President Michael Reilly says it will help reduce double parking, U-Turns, cell phone use and reckless driving in school zones across the city.

NYPD School Safety Agents are designated “special patrolmen” under NYS Criminal Procedure Law and the NYC Administrative Code. The exercise of these powers is limited to the employee's geographical area of employment and only while such employee is actually on duty; such duties of employment may include issuing of summonses; making arrests and issuing desk appearance tickets; or controlling crowds and maintaining order in governmental or public buildings.


The resolution was sent to the NYPD.

New York City Council and the Transportation Committee are reviewing the idea.


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