New Jersey to lower speed bumps after causing damage to cars

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(PIX11) -- Beware of the bump in the road. Jersey City drivers have massive speed bumps that have popped up on their streets.

The city's intentions may have been good but drivers are not happy about them.

After causing countless vehicles to bottom out, New Jersey has decided to lower its speed bumps, according to

Drivers admit the speed bump is too big, others have complained of oil leaks, along with other damage caused from the bumps. One of the culprits is on Erie Street near Eighth Street.

New speed bumps in Jersey City may be slowing drivers down, but they are also damaging cars.

"One morning we saw the front end of a car over here," Jersey City resident Ann Johnson said.

Johnson said originally she was happy about the new speed hump on Erie Street, but that quickly ended when she saw how big it is.

"It's been a problem. Almost all the cars don't see it. They hit the bottom, it's actually kinda hard to sleep."

Jersey City installed the large speed bumps in the last week or so. One on Duncan Avenue is already scraped up from cars bottoming out.

"I've seen a lot of cars come; see all the scrapes on it. They are damaging their cars with that," resident Brian Lynch said.

A Jersey City spokesperson told the Jersey Journal the bumps were installed for safety reasons and to slow cars down near schools.

But because the bumps are so large, they will be lowered.

Although George Fernandez is in favor of the extra large speed humps. He said speeding cars were a danger to the students and other pedestrians.

"When they implemented the speed bumps things slowed down considerably. This one came in a week ago or less. It's a little on the higher side and they should put some markings on it but other than that I think its great," Fernandez said.