Hardcore Apple fans waiting for hours finally score new iPhone 6

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(PIX11/CNN) -- The wait is finally over for iPhone fans.

Apple’s newest smartphone models hit stores Friday and as usual, the tech giant’s big release was met with long lines comprised of fans who have been camping out for hours, if not days.

Apple announced earlier this week it sold a record 4 million new smartphones last Friday, the first day they were available for pre-order.

In Midtown, a queue hundreds strong was poised outside the Apple store. One fan had been waiting for nearly 15 hours to be among the first to get their hands on a new iPhone, and the store was forced to announce they no longer had the gold version of the iPhone 6 Plus in stock.

Among the upgraded features to Apple’s newest line is an improved camera and video technology, and a larger screen more akin to an Android in the iPhone 6 Plus.