Expert hired by family of Eric Garner says chokehold caused his death, but PBA President disagrees

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NEW YORK (AP/PIX11) - An expert forensic pathologist hired by the family of a New York City man whose death in a police chokehold this summer was ruled a homicide has agreed with the findings of the city's medical examiner.

Dr. Michael Baden said Friday at a press conference outside the medical examiner's Manhattan headquarters that there was hemorrhaging on Eric Garner's neck indicative of neck compressions.

"We reviewed all of her findings and all of the tissues and photographs, they do confirm that there is hemorrhaging in the neck indicative of neck compression," said Baden at a news conference on the corner of 30th Street and First Avenue.

Baden is a former New York City medical examiner. Last month, he conducted an autopsy of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old man fatally shot by a police officer in August in the Missouri town of Ferguson.

The 43-year-old Garner died following a July confrontation with police on Staten Island.

Minutes after Bodden addressed the media, PBA President Pat Lynch showed up to defend the NYPD.  "You did not hear the private medical examiner say that they saw signs of asphyxiation. What they saw is compression to the neck, which is consistent with the medical treatment that Mr. Garner would have received by EMS, would have received in the emergency room at the hospital."

Lynch said that the police followed proper protocol when trying to detain Garner.

"It's a seat belt maneuver. It's a take-down maneuver where a shorter police officer is trying to take down a taller man to the ground," Lynch said. "You reach up, one arm is under the armpit, the other is around the shoulder, a struggle ensues while we are bringing him down to the ground, not a chokehold and it's not consistent with a chokehold."

Lynch did add that the PBA, like the Garner family, has its own team of medical specialists and lawyers ready to defend the officer who had a grasp of Garner.


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  • jerry Garcia

    It May Have Started As A So Called Seat Belt Maneuver; But It Ended With A Chokehold. Pat Lynch Is So Out Of Touch With Reality, that He Can’t understand that this Time there Is Video Evidence. If It Wasn’t For the Video (This Would’ve Been Swept Under the Rug; It Isn’t Like They’re Still Trying to Do That) They’ve Would’ve Believed The Police Report, That Doesn’t Mention A Chokehold And States That Eric Garner Seemed Fine. NYPD Accountability Is Coing And You Just Better Live With It!

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