Broadway Opening Night: Love Letters

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PIX11 News attended Opening Night for the Broadway play “Love Letters.”

We spoke with the actors Mia Farrow and Brian Dennehy and playwright A.R. Gurney.

Applause. It's the sound of opening night coming to a close for Mia Farrow and Brian Dennehy.

They star in the latest reprisal of the romantic comedy two-person play, Love Letters.

"[I'm] relieved it's behind us," Mia Farrow said. "Opening night is one way to strike fear in an actor's heart."

It's the story of a 50-year correspondence between Melissa Gardner and her childhood friend turned love interest, Andrew Makepeace Ladd III.

"It was a very exciting experience for me," A.R. Gurney said. "I thought that the actors did it so well and the audience was so responsive."

"The most important thing to achieve in a theater is silence," Brian Dennehy said. "And when you achieve silence as often as you do in this play, the words are right."

"I love doing the play," Farrow said with a smile. "It's a very beautiful play, so it's rewarding for me to be doing it."

But, this story wasn't always meant for the Great White Way.

"I thought I had written an epistolary novel," Gurney recalled. "So I sent it to the New Yorker, it came back within three or four days, I'm sure they didn't even read it. They said, 'we don't publish plays.' So my agent, Gilbert Parker, said, 'well, maybe it is a play!'"

Love Letters made its Broadway debut on October 31, 1989.

It featured award-winning actors Colleen Dewhurst and Jason Robards.

But now, it's Farrow and Dennehy's turn.

"It's the best of all possible relationships with an actress," Dennehy said. "Shes warm and open. She's a real actress, a real powerful actress and she's wonderful in this."

"We had worked together before," Farrow said. " So we couldn't wait to see each other and to work together again and to work together again in the future. We're already plotting where we can do this play, what other plays we can do. I totally love him!"

Farrow and Dennehy are only on this stage until October 10.

The show will continue though for a limited engagement though with appearances by Carol Burnett, Candice Bergen, Martin Sheen and Anjelica Huston.

You can catch all of the performances at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre.