Attorney for Avonte and Nashaly Perez speaks about new NYC security measures in schools

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- Attorney David Perecman can't believe that after almost a year to date he is representing another family with a similar complaint to Avonte Oquendo's.

He is representing the family of another special needs student, 15-year-old Nashaly Perez, walked out of a New York City public school undetected.

This recent case has some people questioning what happened to Avonte's Law, which would put alarms on certain schools' doors, signed by Mayor de Blasio a month ago.

New York City will never forget the images of Avonte leaving his Long Island City School unnoticed.

Admittedly, the two cases are different: Avonte was not found alive. Perecman says it seems like the City is handling Nashaly's case more aggressively.

As far as Avonte's law, the Department of Education confirmed to PIX 11 they are evaluating and scheduling schools are alarm installments.

The Department's focus right now is installing alarms in elementary schools in District 75, which are self-contained special needs schools like Avonte's and Nashaly's.

The Department of Education is working with the NYPD on identifying the schools. They have until May 2015 to complete that process.