[VIDEO] Gay teen comes out to mom, but she has news of her own

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(PIX11) — Video of a gay teen coming out to his mother is making rounds on the Internet.

Hayden Smith posted his “Coming out of the closet” video in Nov. 2013. Smith, who is believed to be Australian, secretly set up his camera before calling his mother into the room.

When she enters, Smith asks her to shut the door. Immediately after taking a seat, he says “I’m gay” and reveals his secret has been a painful emotional weight for a long time.

Smith’s mother is supportive and understanding of the news.

“That’s very brave of you to tell me that. Thank you for telling me. It doesn’t make me love you any less at all,” she says.

The pair continue to speak about Smith’s apparent anger from keeping his sexual orientation a secret. Smith’s mother reassures him that she is okay with him being gay.

At the five-minute mark of the clip, things take an unexpected turn. Smith’s mother reveals her own secret.

“Can I tell you something too? Since you’ve opened up to me, I’ll tell you a little secret too. I’ve had a girlfriend,” the mother says.

She continues to say it was before she got married to his father, who has since passed away.

The resurfaced 2013 video has since received more than 130,000 views on Youtube. Smith wrote two months ago “Me and my mum have that kind of relationship playful.”


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