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These new Facebook scams can take your money, send viruses to your computer

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(PIX11) – Two Facebook scams are targeting users for their money and the opportunity to infect computers with viruses.

A website claiming it will give Facebook users the chance to win an iPhone 6 will actually result in spam. The “Win Free Apple iPhone 6” page instructs users to like and share it with Facebook friends, Hoax Slayer reported.

Afterward, Facebook users are directed to a new website where they can download a “Participation Application.” The application, however, cannot be viewed unless one or two surveys are completed.

The surveys ask users to submit personal information including names, phone numbers and addresses, which can result in unwanted phone calls, emails, junk mail and even an expensive text messaging “service” that charges several dollars for every message, the website reported.

A new Facebook scam lures users into clicking a fake video. (Facebook)

A new Facebook scam lures users into clicking a fake video. (Facebook)

A second scam lures Facebook users into clicking a video titled “Girl killed by husband just because she kissed another men [sic].” The preview link shows an image of a young woman on her knees with a sword touching her neck and her hair being pulled.

Facebook users who try to view the clip are told to like or share it first. Afterwards the video will say that it cannot play unless a plugin is downloaded. Users who click the “Click here to download plugin” link will end up downloading adware or malicious code onto their devices instead, according to Hot for Security. The video has been liked and shared by 4,000 people so far.

To avoid scams, Facebook users are advised to be wary of contests with surveys and viral videos that suggest downloading plugins.

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