Bratton says no credible threat to Times Square despite chatter on ISIS message boards

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- A day after the revelation of a terror threat against Times Square, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton responded to the posts on ISIS message boards.

"There is no direct actionable intelligence in our possession, that indicates an attack likely in the Times Square area or anywhere in New York for that matter," Bratton said.

Nonetheless, the ISIS chatter targeting the city's top tourist destination had an NYPD Critical Response Vehicle (CRV) deployment canvassing the corridor Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the underground subway station had torch teams with radiation detectors and K-9 on patrol.

As one member of the Counter-Terrorism unit conveyed to PIX11 News, this happens 24/7, 365. It is certain days and times that see a more enhanced presence.

Again, important to note, no credible threat by any terrorist organization at this time according to Commissioner Bratton.

However, Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence John Miller says that the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) is still examining the internet chatter. "We're currently involved with our Federal partners in assessing that threat and analyzing its source. It purports to be of ISIS. It was posted in an on-line forum where we have seen other Isis propaganda."

Additionally, what raises eyebrows is the recruiting strategy by Isis to attract a lone wolf operative stateside to carry out an attack in an area of the city that has been targeted in recent years.

"Times Square has certainly been a target in the past, as you well know, whether it's the truck bomb from Faisal Shahzad or the fact that the Boston Marathon bombers as they tried to escape Boston were reportedly heading to Times Square. It's an iconic location. It's high-profile. It's symbolic."

It's also well covered with the NYPD's "Ring of Steel," an operation that has thousands of cameras strategically placed in the public and private sector throughout the city.

NYPD officials also indicated that there are 1,000 officers working full-time in the counter-terrorism mission.

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