[VIDEO] Bicyclist thwarts gunpoint robbery as GoPro records

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BUENOS AIRES (PIX11) — A man biking through a rough part of Buenos Aires recorded his escape from an attempted robbery at gunpoint using a GoPro camera mounted on his forehead.

Mike Graziano was on his bike in broad daylight when a robber tried to steal his backpack — which was loaded with expensive camera equipment ($4,000-worth) and irreplaceable footage stored on hard drives.

The thief, who was on a motorcycle, rode next to Graziano before getting off his bike and flashing a handgun.


The three-minute video shows Graziano repeatedly telling the thief “Amigo, amigo, amigo,” which means “friend.”

“I think by saying amigo 30 times I confused the hell out of him haha,” Graziano said in a Reddit thread about the video.  “No one wants to shoot someone who is calling you there (sic) friend lol. ”

Eventually, he is able to escape and runs away with a group of other bicyclists.

When they come across an officer, Graziano realizes he recorded the whole incident with his GoPro and laughs in disbelief.

Graziano is working on “Global Degree” — a show about “a couple of dudes traveling to every country of the world, and graduating with their Global Degree,” according to his Youtube account.

Despite the attempted robbery, Graziano wrote “this won’t stop us from visiting all 195 countries” on the video’s description.



  • David Glen

    And if the criminals don’t get you first in Buenos Aires, the other “legal” criminals otherwise known as government inspectors get you. They go around to businesses demanding bribes and if you don’t pay…..well then they shut your store down for as long as they want, since there is no legal recourse in Argentina your business will ultimately be destroyed. Nobody should even remotely consider investing or doing business in Argenitna. Here’s what happened to me: http://www.escrachados.com

  • David Glen

    Buenos Aires is becoming no man’s land. I am from New York City and have lived here in Buenos Aires for 7 years and have seen the crime skyrocket. The government does absolutely nothing to help the citizens and leaves people totally unprotected. The political corruption is out of control. The justice system is run by political cronies that have “sympathy” for the criminals. Impunity for everythning from robbery to murder is common. Most crimes go totally unpunished and criminials operate with total freedom. Violence is increasing on a daily basis. I used to own a small business and I was robbed at gunpoint, was captured on our security cameras, all evidence was turned over to the police but nothing was ever done. Every business on the Avenue where my store was located was held up at gunpoint multiple times. See the video how the criminals calmly rob the store. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ypn-gjCETr4

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