VIDEO: 10-year-old girl crushes JROTC cadet in push-up challenge

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WILMINGTON, N.C. (PIX11) — A young girl defeated a JROTC cadet during a push-up challenge in North Carolina.

Kimberly Munley, the cop who stopped Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hasan in 2009, posted a video of the push-up contest on Facebook Sept. 6.

Kaylyn, 10, challenged the male cadet during the “Stand At Attention” fundraising event in Wilmington’s Independence Mall. Surrounded by a cheering crowd, Kaylyn and the cadet are seen doing push-ups in the one-minute clip.

But in an unexpected turn of events, Kaylyn’s competitor begins to lose steam at the 37-second mark. He stops for a breather and stares into the crowd, as Kaylyn continues at a steady pace.

Eventually, an announcer at the event says “She won! She won!”

“I recorded her and her unbelievable ability to do this pushup challenge and show boys how capable a girl can be,” Munley wrote on Facebook.

The very-fit 10-year-old who Munley called “my new little hero” will be trying out for the Junior Olympic Gymnastics Team in a few weeks.

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