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Tottenville High School students to protest new dress code

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NEW YORK (PIX11/AP) —Students and parents are planning to protest a principal’s new dress code regulation after more than 200 students were put in detention in the first two weeks over this.

Acting interim principal Joseph Scarmato changed the dress code to prohibit tank tops, low-cut blouses and halter tops. Shorts and skirts are supposed to be at “relaxed hand level.”

Many of the parents are divided on the issue.

One parent says she dropped her daughter off at school and it looked more like a strip club rather than a high school.

Linda Ferraro told the Staten Island Advance that if she had wanted a dress code, she would have sent her daughter to a Catholic school.

“Some schools have uniform requirements governing student dress,” superintendent Aimee Horowitz said. “In schools that don’t, students have the right to determine their own dress, except where such dress creates a distraction, is dangerous or interferes with the learning and teaching process.”

Other prohibited items include hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants, leggings and “skinny jeans” as well as headbands, hats, bandanas and sunglasses.

Scarmato’s daughter is also a student at Tottenville.



  • Christine

    I really like your morning show but I am completely disappointed in your reporting of the dress code at tottenville High school. You are sensationalizing a story. You have the facts wrong. First off yes almost 200 students got detention however, what you failed to report is the schools population is over 4000 making that percentage very small. No where in the school handbook doers it deny skinny jeans. In addition the children are allowed to wear hoodies, they just can’t wear the hoods in class of in the school building on their heads. Makes total sense, no distractions. Instead of speaking to 200 rabble rousers, why don’t you speak to the rest of the population. The point is to prepare the children for their ongoing lives, would you hire someone who cam for a job or internship, cracking gum, wearing a hood on their head and in boogie shorts? I don’t think so. I am the parent of an incoming freshman and I think it’s a breath of fresh air to have the administration crack down on a policy that has always been in place, in all public schools, but that may have note been enforced. Get a copy of the schools handbook and a copy of the chancellors regs to see this is all in line.

    • Ian Tittle

      did not know that because the school has 4000 kids it somehow make the fact that 200 were sent home different or small 200 hundred kids were still sent home regardless of how much the total is you sound just the the idiot acting principal who change the rules to meet his own personal standards of how he think kids should dress

  • Candice Boston

    School dress codes are not unusual. Just because there is not a standarized uniform in place does not meant there isn’t a dress code. I am so sick of parents that are going after schools for asking their children to dress appropriately. Parents need to wake up and understand the school dress codes have always been in place.

  • veryverii

    why are you reporting this ? 200 kids got suspended ? So what. At Barringer High School in Newark today which is just across the border of New York City kids are being starved they are not allowed to eat the lunch that is packed by their parents thier free lunches are not available because there’s not enough food. the school has room for 600 children there are 13 hundred children there the children do not have schedules children do not have classes if they do have a class there are 60 children in the classroom both principles are gone one was fired one left. Very few teachers remain. Many substitutes are trying their best. Why is this not NEWS?

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