Staying safe while changing a tire on a busy highway

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- Last year,  AAA responded to 29-million service calls nationwide—most of them for dead batteries and flat tires.

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of being in a dangerous situation with a flat tire.  You could, for example, be stuck on a busy highway at night.

So, what do you do?  What are your safest options?

Robert Sinclair Jr., media relations manager for AAA in New York, said you need to get off the road, especially if there is no large shoulder to pull over to.

“Drive on the flat.  Get to the nearest exit.  Get off the roadway, because when you’re stuck in the middle of the road like that, you’re a sitting duck,” said Sinclair Jr.

If your car is disabled in the dark, it’s imperative that you’re seen, which means using your 4-way flasher and lights.  The AAA expert also recommends carrying a triangle reflector.

As for the jack, the one that comes with your car may not be the best one to use.    Sinclair Jr. suggests using a small floor type of jack.  He said if you’re dealing with a grassy shoulder, which is typically soft and uneven,

It’s a good idea to secure the jack with a piece of wood or brick.

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