Retired NYPD ‘thug’ commander tweets photo shaking hands with Obama

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HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (PIX11) --  After a week of negative headlines about his crack-dealing past, a retired NYPD deputy inspector has tweeted a smiling picture of himself, when he was still in uniform, shaking hands with President Barack Obama.

"Why would the NYPD invite a 'thug cop' to meet the POTUS?" Corey Pegues asked in his tweet on Friday, September 12th.  POTUS is an acronym for President of the United States.

Pegues then added a hashtag, #keepitrightnotreal.

The 45-year old Pegues was featured on the cover of the New York Post this past Monday, after a podcast surfaced of Pegues talking about his past life as a teenage, crack cocaine dealer.

Pegues, who is writing a book, even claimed that he once tried to kill a rival--by pulling the trigger of his gun, point blank, at the man's chest.

The gun misfired, he said.

But the biggest uproar came after Pegues made a claim that he was childhood friends with David McClary, a crack dealer from Jamaica, Queens, who later pumped five bullets into the head of rookie NYPD officer, Edward Byrne, in February 1988.

McClary, speaking to a Post reporter in Attica Correctional Facility this week, denied that he and Pegues were ever friends.  McClary said that Pegues was looking for another paycheck, another hustle.

Pegues retired with a $135,000, tax-free, disability pension last year.  It's been widely reported that he fell from a chair at the 67th Precinct in Brooklyn, where he was commanding officer, and hurt his back.  Pegues claims he hurt his back, trying to subdue a suspect.

Pegues appeared on CNN"s "Late Night" this week and said he viewed his teen, criminal life as part of his past--and that he deserved a shot at redemption.

He insisted that he'd lived an "impeccable" life during his 21 years with the NYPD.

Pegues said he gave up his criminal ways, after the birth of his son and daughter.

Pegue's daughter is now an NYPD rookie police officer.


  • BigApple

    What a pos. Fake an injury, get a pension. I hope he’s being watched so he can get his scam busted and get locked up as he deserves.

  • Kamala jenkins

    He Is a protected species . He will most likely lose his good guy endorsement from the NYPD to carry weapons in retirement. They have already took his guys by order of Nassau county police, and suspended his license indefinitely. They are now going o see if they can decertify his employment, and revoke his pension. They will try at least. At least the 100 retarded men in law enforcement are not going to stick the necks out on this one because the same fate maybe lurking for them. Karma is wonderful especially for this guy. Living in the East New York of Nassau county, and driving a 100k plus Mercedes Benz has his priorities mixed up.

  • Joseph

    Wasn’t this guy recently your expert witness in a piece you did about Eric Gardner. Great journalism on that choice of witness. WPIX 11 should apologize to all of the men and women of the NYPD, both past and present, who have served and still do with honor. Please do not take this post down as you did previously when I informed you of the character of your expert witness.

  • Rick Starr

    Why is it so hard for some people to just go away? He keeps putting his foot deeper and deeper in his mouth. Oh wait, the Obama connection. He’s the black thug J

  • CB

    The more this idiot writes, the deeper he digs his hole. He thinks he’s so smart because he got a degree in the mail. He was hanging out on E34 and Church on Labor Day – what a POS he is. And he’s contracted by WPIX as an expert. LOL Three good Saturdays and Eric Adams in his pocket makes not an expert. WPIX was duped, and CNN.

  • T.Austin

    If you believe what he now says, he changed his life ,turned away from his criminal past ,and hid it ,while in the Police Department .So, why then did he sport a tattoo ” THUG LIFE ” on his neck above the collar ,as a ranking Supervisor in the Department ?, { only removing it for promotion to D.I. ] doesn’t sound like he was hiding his past sounds like he was proud of it.

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