[VIDEO] This is what it’s like to get ‘doored’ while biking in NYC

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MANHATTAN (PIX11) – New York City streets are notoriously dangerous for just about everyone, but for cyclists there is always a particularly painful encounter looming — being doored in traffic.

The chances of being doored are surely higher while passing a taxi — passengers hurrying to get out of the backseat of a car they don’t own are probably the least likely to look behind them.

For just that reason, many bicyclists wear helmet cams in case of an accident — just like this one.  Biking at a high speed — but in the bike lane — this guy takes a door to the face and goes flying.  What follows is a moderate level of concern by and for all people involved, but as a crowd grows, the finger-pointing begins.

The cyclist blames the driver for dropping people off in the bike lane, the driver says his door is now broken because his fare didn’t listen to him and the teary-eyed woman who threw open the door claims she never heard anything.  This is not to mention the man who had the unfortunate luck to park his SUV in the path of a flying cyclist.  Perhaps the star of the entire video is the guy who walks up eating chips and inserts himself in the situation at 5:12.

So who’s to blame?  You be the judge.


  • Chris Hug

    I’d say 2/3 the blame goes to the taxi and 1/3 the blame goes to the passenger. The taxi shouldn’t have dropped his fare off in the bike lane but by the same token she should have looked before opening the door.

    With that being said, cops REALLY need to start cracking down on these goddamn taxis. I drive for a living in Manhattan and they are hands down the most reckless drivers out there. They stop in the middle of the streets without pulling over to pick up and drop off fares. It’s gotten way out of hand with them.

  • Pam Cassidy

    I blame the biker……he was going awful fast down that bike lane past taxis with are known to have doors opening to let people out . Just because it’s a bike lane does not mean you can speed down it without regard to everything else that is happening…..at one point he almost hit a woman crossing the street with the biker saying ‘watch out’……which is wrong on the biker’s part…..everyone knows a pedestrian has the right of way….even to a bike!

    • Crystal

      Sorry but that pedestrian crossing the street was in the wrong:
      S 1152. Crossing at other than crosswalks. (a) Every pedestrian
      crossing a roadway at any point other than within a marked crosswalk or
      within an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection shall yield the right of
      way to all vehicles upon the roadway.

      I stop/slow down at crosswalks other than those it’s hard to dodge people crossing the street from any place they want to without checking the bike lanes just like the roadways before crossing.

    • MarkMatt

      I highly doubt the biker was going faster then the speed limit. personally the fastest iv ever done on a flat was 25 mph. i know guys who can go faster obviously but i doubt he was going much faster then 23 or so. The people who walked out in front of him in the bike lane did not have the right of way. they were splitting in between cars and crossed into the bike lane without looking. if he had hit them, it would be their fault because they were not on a crosswalk. way to blame the victim pam. clearly youve never been doored before.

  • Kari

    To the person above who claims pedestrians always have the right of way – WRONG! Pedestrians only have the right of way in crosswalks, when they are crossing the street legally. Too many people have the attitude that they can just do whatever they want. In the case of the bicycle, I believe there was fault on both sides. The bike rider was traveling way too fast and the passenger in the cab should have looked before opening the door. As for the cab driver, well, he shouldn’t have pulled over into the bike lane in the first place.

  • MarkMatt

    the person to blame is the women who opened the door without looking. the cabby should have pulled over somewhere better yea, but even if he told the passenger to look first and she didnt hear him, its common sense to look before you open the door. especially in a big city. she was crying because she knows shes in the wrong. and now the cabby has a broken door and the guy has a broken bike because she didnt care enough, or didnt have the mindset to look first before she opened the door. Iv been doored a couple times in philadelphia and its one of the scariest things to happen on a bike. It scares the hell out of you, scares the hell out of the person who opened the door and generally makes everyone feel contempt for the other party.

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