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Man pocket-dials 911, gets busted on drug charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MT. PLEASANT, Tenn. (WKRN) — A man accidentally pocket-dialed the police and unfortunately for him, they overheard his conversation.

“We have 911 calls that lead to arrests all the time but not an accidental one,” Mt. Pleasant Police Chief Michael Hay said.

The call that came in to 911 last week started out like any other to a police dispatcher, but when no one answered, the operator didn’t hang up.

Instead, she stayed on the line listening to a conversation between a man and a woman talking about getting high.

“When it hits you, dude, it makes you feel like tiny little pins are in your body, but it’s like a good feeling not a bad feeling. All these, like, pleasure shivers,” one voice said.

Hay said the caller said it was an unintended “butt dial.”

The dispatcher traced the call to a Mexican restaurant in Mt. Pleasant where the couple was having dinner. An officer pulled up just as they were leaving and stopped them down the street.

“He noticed the passenger, the male subject, was shuffling around putting stuff under the passenger seat, and when he approached the vehicle, he actually observed the passenger drop something in the floorboard,” Hay said.

That something was a small bag of marijuana, according to police.

The female driver denied knowing anything about it but officers said her passenger, 25-year-old Grant O’Connor, admitted the marijuana was hit.

What he didn’t know that he had himself to blame for tipping off the cops.

“Really bad luck and actually some really good police work on the stop as well,” Hay said of the arrest.


  • Trevor Philips Industries

    You cant be serious…. fight some real crime why dont you? Butt dialer…yall tracked a butt dialer for a small bag of weed…? That makes us all feel safer in the world now. We can all rest assured. Smfh

  • accountant78

    This story just perpetuates the fact that cops waste so much time and money fighting stupid crap. All this effort to bust a recreational pot user. The police should be embarrassed. The 911 operator should be fired. Go find real crime/emergencies.

  • Mark Mendel

    Yeah I feel like we were supposed to be on the side of the cops here, but……not at all. Sounds like they unnecessarily tied up the emergency line, wasted resources by tracking them down, and then pulled an officer away from potentially stopping real crimes to bust a guy for a small bag of weed…great job, Mt. Pleasant PD! Making everyone safer, for sure!

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