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Man caught selling crumbled Pop-Tart as crack cocaine: cops

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NORTH CAROLINA (PIX11) – An alleged drug dealer with an apparent penchant for breakfast snacks was arrested after trying to pass off a crumbled Pop-Tart as crack cocaine during an undercover drug buy, police said.

Cameron Mitchell, 30, was arrested September 4th, nearly two months after the alleged ‘drug’ sale, according to WCTI.

Authorities had been monitoring Mitchell since June 19, when he allegedly chatted with an undercover officer in Halifax while delivering goods to a convenience store.  As they talked, police say he promised the agent $20 worth of crack cocaine and went to his truck to get it.

What he handed over, however, was a crushed up toaster pastry, police said.  Agents field-tested the “cocaine” and, not-surprisingly, it turned out negative.

Police found Mitchell’s delivery truck outside another store and arrested him.  Mitchell confessed to the frosted fake-out, and told police he needed the money, according to the station.

He has been charged with selling or delivering a counterfeit controlled substance and creating a controlled substance.




  • Pichardo

    I was born with type one diabetes. I needed my daily fix, I needed Cameron to run the streets. Do know how much insulin cost now a days. I wasn’t the only one buying from Cameron, my home girl Jones was hitting him up at least three times a day. When I was low on cash, he would let me do favors for him. He was so nice, he let me spit it out. This was a good man that was good to his people. I am just trying to survive on these streets. I am not some comedian that has millions that hang on doors or stuff plastic into every orifice of my body. Thank you for all your great work NCPD, this man was saving lives, now your destroying them. R.I.P. R.W. and J.R.

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