Man arrested after allegedly putting head up straphanger’s skirt, throwing her down stairs

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Cops say the man put his head up the woman's skirt and threw her down the stairs.

Cops say the man put his head up the woman’s skirt and threw her down the stairs.

BROOKLYN (PIX11) – Police arrested a man they said sexually assaulted a woman, threw her down a flight of stairs, then brutally attacked her at a Brooklyn subway station.

Brooklyn man James Barnes, 61, has been arrested and charged with assault and sexual abuse.

Cops say the woman was walking up the stairs leaving the Dekalb Avenue ‘D’ and ‘M’ train station at 10 p.m. August 8 when the man put his head up her skirt.

When the victim tried to push the suspect away, he threw her down the stairs and began punching and kicking her before fleeing the scene.

The woman suffered bruises and wasn’t hospitalized.




  • kari

    Um it doesn’t. Not even late nights the M train doesn’t run late night the D train is strictly from coney island to Bronx this story is bogus i think the last is crazy how the hell she take a pic before the crime sound like she want to set this guy up smfh.

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