Brooklyn cops – and cop killer – diss retired NYPD Deputy Inspector Corey Pegues

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- PIX11 News has obtained a photo from inside the 67th Precinct in Brooklyn that illustrates the betrayal felt by NYPD officers, who worked under the command of retired Deputy Inspector Corey Pegues.

The cops have removed Pegues’ photo from a gallery of former supervisors, replacing it with a black and white picture of slain 22-year old Officer  Edward Byrne who was killed by a crack dealer in  1988 in Pegues’ home borough of Queens.

The reason the officers at the 67th Precinct are so angry stems from Pegues’ interview on a podcast in August. That’s when Pegues’ admitted he was a teen crack dealer in Queens in the 80’s, that he once tried to kill a rival, and that he was old pals with David McClary, the thug convicted of pumping five bullets into Officer Byrne’s head on February 26, 1988 as the rookie sat in a patrol car from the 103 Precinct, guarding the home of a drug witness.

Pegues has insisted he started traveling on a very different path from McClary, before McClary killed Officer Byrne.

But McClary doesn’t want anything to do with the retired commander, either—telling the New York Post 45-year old Corey Pegues is a liar.

“Corey Pegues ain’t no friend of mine,” McClary told a Post reporter inside a visiting room in Attica State Prison, where he’s doing 25 years to life for killing the young officer.

“This is all for the money,” he said of Pegues, who’s writing a book. “He’s retired and needs another hustle, another paycheck,” McClary said. “Everything he’s been saying about his history is total bull****."

Since Pegues’ secret life from the 1980’s became public on Monday, the Nassau County Police Department has removed three, registered guns from his family home in Hempstead, at the request of the NYPD.

The New York City Police Department is also reviewing Pegues’ tax-free, $135,000, annual disability pension. Pegues retired last year, after 21 years on the job, saying he hurt his back in the 67th Precinct.

During an appearance this week on CNN “Late Night”, he insisted that he had turned his life around—after his teen days as a crack dealer—enlisting in the U.S. Army when he was 18—and turning away from crime, when his son and daughter were born.

“Let’s talk about the impeccable life I’ve lived for 21 years,” he told CNN. “God gave me a second chance for redemption in life, and I ran with it.”



  • T Austin

    Why doesn’t anyone ask him about the tattoo ” THUG LIFE ” he wore on his neck above the collar for the majority of his Police career ?

  • Saw

    Sad! But he should have wrote about the how the board of trustees for the pension fund give him this accident disability for falling out of a chair! What a scam!we are so busy looking at ticket fixing and stop and frisk but the real crimes are going on at the top!!!!

    • Kamala jenkins

      Very true!. Ticket fixing is not a crime. It was Ok for the Hassidim, That minister who runs that church uptown on 125 street. The 2 faced politicians, who got preferential treatment for fixing tickets for their constituents like debalsio did. I feel bad for those cops up in the Bronx. I hope it all goes away for them. Its three years later, and these poor b*stards are still in limbo I guess. This guy scams a disability pension while my cousin who had his knee smashed up with a bat during a thug fight, and walks like Quasimodo where one leg is now shorter was denied a disability claim. He gets out of a squad car everyday with a very distinctive limp, and walks like the hunch back. The police doctors told him don’t run after anyone chase them with the car Lol. Shame!

  • Kamala jenkins

    You think for one moment that someone didn’t reach this hood in prison to help out his former running mate. During a family visit you think he wasn’t schooled to say the opposite. The NYPD revoked his good guy clause for his gun licensee. They are going to send Eternal affairs to all the prison Elmira, Coxsacky .and what ever prison to reach out to all the hoods he hung with. Pegues former running mates will be offered preferential treatment maybe a sentence reduction if they cooperate. The statute of limitations may have ran out on state charges but they might go after him federally. This man awoken a sleeping giant with a terrible resolve, and he is going to get in the end. Being a protected species is going to be in a thing in the past, and the days of preferential treatment for brothers on the force are going out the window. They are going to decertify his employment for failure to disclose moral turpitude on his application, and revoke his pension. They will try anyway. A brother in my hood was fired or what they call decertified for failing to disclose things on his application, and psych interview. He had time on the job and an unrelated prober divulged his past . It is gong to get harder for brothers to get this job even though they exemplified themselves in their adult life. But their tainted past will catch up to them and prevent them from getting cop, and fire department jobs. Thank Retired Inspector Pegues for making it harder for Young brothers and sisters trying to get ahead with more hurdles put up against that will block them from gainful employment.

      • Kamala jenkins

        My deepest apologies brother I mean Internal Affairs. He is going to get it real good. The 100 retarded men in law enforcement aren’t helping this thug out on this one. His own Captains union is denouncing him. Sorry for the mispronunciation C.O. Occifer or what ever rank you were please excuse me

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