What’s trending: September 9, 2014

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Apple launches new iPhones today. It’s been four years since the iPad was launched but will consumers bite on new apple iPhones and watches if they don’t trust the tech giant’s security. The iPhone is meant to get bigger to compete with other devices on the market and it’s widely expected the iWatch will be launched. But they’re facing competition from six other manufacturers putting similar pieces of market.

A female driver in Oklahoma was allowed to wear a spaghetti strainer on her head for her drive’s license photo after claiming she is a ‘Pastafarian.’ All because it falls under the state’s rules for religious headwear. Shawna Hammond claims she needs to wear the colander as it’s part of her Pastafarian faith, which uses the strainer as it’s symbol. Hammond is also and atheist and believes no one should be force into certain beliefs. Pastafarianism was found by an atheist in 2005 to protest against creationism in school.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new portrait is creating a buzz. Former California governor and actor was forever immortalized in the state capitol. His official portrait was unveiled yesterday in Sacramento. It was done by fellow Austrian Gottfriend Heinwein. Heinwein is known for his portrait work on celebrities including Andy Warhol and boxer Muhammad Ali.