VIDEO: Woman pushes boyfriend over, runs over scooter with truck

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[Warning: Video contains graphic language and violence]

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (PIX11) — A California woman who was recorded shoving her live-in boyfriend off his motorized scooter, then backing over it with her truck has been arrested and charged after the video went viral.

“Common weekly occurrence with this insane neighbor,” a woman named Sarah Oliver wrote in the description of the YouTube video that was shared on Reddit. “She throws things, beats her boyfriend, drives into stuff. All time day and night. When she backed up the first time in this video she hit my car.”

In the video, the woman, identified as 47-year-old Laura Cox, is heard yelling at her boxer-clad boyfriend as he sits on the scooter behind her truck. Cox then gets out of the truck, and shoves the man off the scooter and onto the ground, before getting back into the truck and backing over it.

Oliver said that the unhinged woman is like that “on a daily basis.”

Cox has been charged with DUI, and is being held on $10,000 bail according to the Los Angeles Times.

The woman’s boyfriend reportedly doesn’t want her to be prosecuted.