Retired NYPD official: I sold crack and was friends with a cop killer

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HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (PIX11) -- Retired NYPD Deputy Inspector, Corey Pegues, was a cop with secrets and now that he’s spilling them, he’s not so sure he’s ready for the media fury.

Pegues’ Mercedes SUV was parked in his driveway, when PIX11 News knocked on his door in Hempstead, Long Island on Tuesday.

But Pegues didn’t answer and didn’t leave his house until we pulled our news truck down the block.

That’s when the 45-year old retired commander, who once wore a pressed uniform and fitted suits, emerged wearing a black baseball cap pulled low over his forehead.

He quickly pulled the Mercedes out of his driveway and sped away, as PIX11 tried to question him.

Pegues made headlines this week when audio from an August podcast on the Combat Jack show was made public.

During the interview, Pegues revealed he sold crack cocaine as a teen in Queens in the 1980’s and once tried to kill a rival drug dealer.

He also said he was childhood pals with one of the men who executed rookie Police Officer Edward Byrne, on February 26, 1988.

“My man, Dave McClary, was one of the people who killed him,” Pegues said during the podcast.

McClary was convicted of pumping five shots, at close range, into the head of the 22-year old Officer Byrne as he sat in a patrol car, guarding the home of a drug witness on Inwood Street in South Jamaica, Queens. His assassination was a rallying cry for the NYPD to take back a crack-ravaged city, block by block.

The news that Pegues’ was once friends with McClary has caused a firestorm among the NYPD’s rank and file.

“For twenty years, he hid the fact that he was bosom buddies with a cop killer,” PBA President Patrick Lynch fumed to PIX11.

But Pegues, who retired with a $135,000 a year disability pension, doesn’t see it that way.

He claims the book he’s writing is meant to teach young people to stay away from the drug trade and thug life.

“Being a father and a family man, I’d first like to say that my heart goes out to the Byrne family,” Pegues said in the beginning of a statement released by his publicist.

“In 1988, Edward died a hero doing the job he loved, and left us much too soon. As a child, I had many friends from my neighborhood, one of whom was named David McClary. David and I chose very different paths in life and went our separate ways in 1987, when I enlisted in the US Army. I was in basic training at the time this crime was committed and have not had any contact with him since. I do not in any way condone the act of assassinating a police officer and find what David did to be both despicable and deplorable.”

As Pegues continued with his statement, he said that he’s a mentor and community activist, and he was telling his story in an effort “to be relatable to the youth that are currently living their lives the way I did (prior to turning 18 and joining the military), and to show them there is another way.”

But Lynch didn’t buy the statement and quoted another part of the podcast. “When he came back to the neighborhood,” Lynch said, “He also said, ‘I was in the Army, I was still going out with my friends, pulling robberies.’”

At one point in the podcast, Pegues talked about his intention to kill a rival dealer.

“And I pulled the trigger—right in his chest! It don’t go off,” Pegues related to the interviewer.

Pegues insisted he turned away from a life of crime, after his son and daughter were born.  His 21-year-old daughter is now a rookie police officer with the NYPD.

“I am grateful to the NYPD for the many opportunities that were awarded to me, based on my merits and professionalism over the years. Although I am retired, I will continue to stand on the side of righteousness for people of all ethnicities and work to motivate and inspire the youth and the community as a whole.”

When Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, was asked about Pegues on Monday, he said that he had just learned about his admissions and would review the time he spent in the NYPD.

“He’s evidently trying to promote a book or movie deal,” Bratton said.


    • djfinesse

      Jack Mehoff you don’t know the half. If I told you about the white officers that were arrested for pedophilia, false arrests, stealing, assaults against innocent people and drug use it would put what Pegues did to shame. So don’t get happy because all of us have issues. Everyone is to be judged individually and not on the whole. Every bad White cop shouldn’t be judged because of their race and the same goes for Hispanic and African American officers. I have great great white friends who I would die for and they would do the same for me. So let’s cut the stupidity.

  • Brian

    Eight weeks ago Corey Pegues was WPIX’s police expert on the Eric Garner arrest. He called it a “Gang Assault”.
    The man can not even speak properly.

    Tonight your Mary Murphy is trying to track him down to answer for his past. WPIX will do anything for ratings.
    Hypocrisy at it’s best!

  • Kay B

    I hope every cop’s past and friendships are under equal scrutiny. Right. That’ll be the day. Something’s not right about this “outrage” about this particular officer. He was friends with someone who did something horrible and now he’s guilty by association? He posts pics on IG that indicate a double “thug” life? *Sigh*

    • Pam Cassidy

      Kay…did you miss the part where he was a drug dealer and robbing people and attempted to shoot a man in the chest, but the gun didn’t go off? Then he has the nerve to join the NYPD? I don’t know how they screened applicants back then, but I hope they’re doing a better job now.

    • HHD

      Kay good try to play the “Race Card” – this is something that Pegues, Eric Adams, and the rest of the fraternity of “Opportunists” look for – Kay – if that is what your name is. He openly admitted that he attempted to commit a Homicide, that he was associated with a known cop-killer, that he dealt drugs – this isn’t about a cop who came on the job and before he did puffed a joint, this is about a sociopath that was just recent;y hanging out on Church Ave just last week – HANGING OUT ON CHURCH AVE. This leads up to Chief Banks and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, and those that approved Pegues getting a D.I. slot. From the time that Pegues made sergeant he was pampered by the aforementioned to include Inspector Pearson. Improprieties are abundant. But for you to imply anything else purely demonstrates the issues with the department and the way that they protect those that blackmail them with the Race Card – stick it where the sun doesn’t shine because the charade is over, and people, both black, and white are sick and tired of this crap.

      • djfinesse

        Kay you sound ignorant. I am African American and I used to drive the guy for a while when he was a Sgt in the 81st Pct. This guy was one of the worst guys to work for. He used to go behind the Sgts desk with a doo rag on his head and one pants leg rolled up. He mistreated cops, me and other supervisors. I used to drive him home when he used to live in Rochdale Village and let me tell you he is as bent as they come. While at the 81st a Lt. found him hiding under a bed in the female Sgts locker room. So what does that tell you about the character of an idiot that was friends of a person that killed a fellow officer.? The same idiot friends he brags about are the same idiots that had a hit out on my cousin for breaking up the Supreme team. Kay wake up and be a leader and not a follower. Be impartial and don’t use unneccesary racial tactics to get your point across.

  • HHD

    And….WPIX hired him as an “Expert” following the Garner incident. WPIX is just as laughable with just as much credibility as Pegues!

  • mimi

    His past is just that past…. Why is it that you can’t have a past so he did things he wasn’t proud of..haven’t we all?! He’s not the only cop who has done things he’s not proud of. If he turned his life around so be it why is what he did before he became a cop more important then who he was while he was a cop?!? You want harder screening how bout screenings for ties to the kkk or just being a racist period any race… But of course it’s a race thing how many white cops are under a microscope for their past??! None! I’m sure they’ll find some bs reason to stop his pension and try to charge him with something crooked through and through

    • HHD

      You’re right Mimi – so that he admitted that he tried to kill someone, and that his ties to a cop-killer should be overlooked, that he lied on his application to be a cop, and may have had opportunities to sway investigations as a commander should be overlooked. No white cps eh? Um, former PC Kerik went to jail for his past. Again, take your race card and shove it – it’s YOU that is the racist! And as racists go, you’re an imbecile!

    • djfinesse

      Mimi please cut it. I worked with the brother and he’s as ignorant and vindictive as the come. He hurt a lot of black officers and tried to play the thug hanging out on Farmers Blvd. role. It’s his mouth and his greed for a book deal that hurt him. His $135,000 pension wasn’t enough I guess. He was smart enough to pass the promotional tests but not smart enough to use his position to put a positive spin on his story without revealing too much. He can only blame himself.

    • Kamala jenkins

      They are going to come after him with the vigor of a vengeful mob. Instead of violence they are going to use a pen. He failed to disclose to the background investigators moral turpitude, and failed to disclose to the city psychiatrist that he committed crimes. My cousin who is on the force was asked on his psych/polygraph interview for Suffolk county did you commit any crimes you were never arrested for or was undetected by the police. I bet the NYPD asks the same question on the police psych. They are going to decertify his employment and revoke his pension. They fired a brother who was on probation in my building for failing to disclose a lawsuit he had against the city, and a job he was fired from in which he used a different social security number. It caught up to him. This man just made it very hard for brothers and sisters who want a career with the NYPD who may have a shaded past but exemplified themselves as young adults who served in the military, and got their education. They will pay very dearly sister. The NYPD bent the rules for our community when they lowered the starting salary to 25k. I guess they had the same idea Lincoln had during the civil war . They recruited us and paid us less than white union soldiers. In turn the city got a bunch of rotten apples. People that were arrested for Robberies, Burglaries, Gun possession etc.. Just because a Bronx or Brooklyn jury who are mostly comprised of people of color acquit these young men, and now it is a red light for them to join the NYPD. They awoke a sleeping giant. guess what he is mad as hell, and Retired inspector Pegues is going to have a rude awakening. I guess the 100 retarded men in law enforcement are not coming to aide this dimwit because the same fate could be lurking for them within sister. Please take off them rose colored lenses, and ethnic pride should not get in the way of the truth.

    • Kamala jenkins

      They are already begun sister. Eternal affairs are going to pull his jacket to see if he lied to investigators. Not only this but they will visiting Elmira, and Coxsacky prisons to visit the inmates, he had ties with and get them preferential treatment, and special privileges. Maybe a sentence reduction for their testimony. The one thing about the white cops sister. They were the only ones that did their jobs in my hood in East New York. All of them for he most part do not have tainted pasts. Working in the local supermarket, and going to college along with possibly serving in the reserves or being volley fire/ambalance operators from east cupcake. This arrogant brother has brought disgrace to himself, and his family. He is making all the honest brothers and sisters in blue look like criminals. My cousin, and brothers that are cops always are second guessed, and have always ran themselves to show others on the job that they were not hoods that were hired to meet the quotas. Please this brother needs a good shellacking.

  • Kamala jenkins

    It is a shame that this brother disgraced himself as an adult, and as a police commander. Now the background investigators are going to come down on every applicant irrelevant of race, and if they find a minor disregard for the law they will disqualify the applicant.

  • Will

    After getting over with the pension that if you look into it he sure not have!! He tell this story!!! Sad! There are so many things wrong with the nypd racism,sexism and nepotism! The inspector general needs to step up his game!!!!!!!

  • Will

    He could have talked about racism, sexual harassment,cronyism or how the job use the viper unit to discriminate and punishment officer. He could have talked about the numbers game they play or what we call broken windows but he use the time on the front page for some bull s—-! Stay safe!!!!!!

  • Eric

    PBA President Patrick Lynch time would be better spent drawing attention to all the crooked cops who raid the evidence rooms, in order to flood the street with confiscated drugs, for personal profit. That is why the drug problem never goes away.

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